Citizens Photograph A Gigantic Creature On A Mountain In Mexico

Inhabitants of towns near the municipality of Ciudad Valles, in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, are terrified after the sighting of a Gigantic Creature that some believe could be Bigfoot or an alien .

 According to the local newspaper El Sol de San Luis , the mysterious meeting took place last week near Ciudad Valles. 

A witness, identified as Mrs. Antonia, said the sighting took place around 5:30 p.m. while she and her husband were playing with their son.

Citizens Photograph A Gigantic Creature On A Mountain In Mexico

The family was surprised when they heard an explosion-like sound that seemed to come from a nearby bush . 
Thinking that a landslide was about to occur, they looked towards the place from which the sound emanated and were shocked to see what they discovered to be a “tall, thin man”that Antonia compared to “a giant . ” 

Although her husband teased her for being scared, she said he was also quickly scared when he saw the mysterious visitor.

“I was with my husband playing with my child when we heard a noise, like an explosion, so we looked at the hill, where we thought the noise was coming from, we thought it was a landslide ,” Antonia explained to El Sol de San Luis. 
“He was like a giant. It was about five thirty in the afternoon; I was really scared. My husband started making fun of me but when he saw that “thing” he got very scared and told me to go home. And that we were very far. “

Witnesses were able to take some pictures of the creature, however it is difficult to identify what it is. However, news of the incident has spread throughout the region and has caused concern among the residents of Ciudad Valles. 
According to a statement issued by Agustín Hernández, a representative from the indigenous area, the region’s elders do not want to talk about the encounter, but it is said that they suggested that the creature could have been an alien

Some ufologists say that, as seen in the images, the huge creature appears to have come out of a disk-shaped flying object , quite possibly its spacecraft. 
They add that the loud roar Antonia and her family heard may have been caused by the landing of the ship on the mountain.

 Others have raised the possibility that it could be a Bigfoot, but the famous cryptid is not really part of local legend. But this is not the first time that a similar creature has appeared.

Citizens Photograph A Gigantic Creature On A Mountain In Mexico

Without a doubt, we are facing a new mystery that, although there are some images as evidence, continues without explanation. 
It is clear that skeptics will consider this case as a montage or a misidentified animal. Perhaps the truth could be more disturbing than we think.

Knowing all this, what is your opinion on the baffling photograph of this Gigantic Creature? Is it an alien, a Bigfoot, or just a misidentified animal? Share your theory below in comment section.

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