Colonel Philip James Corso reveals grey aliens are actually biorobots

Back in 1997, a former US Army colonel Philip James Corso released a book that even today seems like a real “bomb” and from which later a huge number of different conspiracy theories came out. A special highlight in the bodies of aliens.

The Day After Roswell immediately became a sensation among ufologists and supporters of conspiracy theories.

The author of the book was Philip James Corso , a former military colonel who served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1963. 

In the book, Corso claimed that he personally directed the department that guarded and studied the wreckage of a UFO that fell in Roswell (New Mexico) in 1947 and revealed many secrets and mysteries of this event.

In particular, he assured that many breakthrough technical inventions that appeared in the following decades, such as optical fiber, transistors, night vision devices, and computer chips, were a direct result of the study of alien technologies used in the crashed UFO.

Corso’s book touched on so many diverse conspiracy theories that even ufologists often considered it partially invented or largely exaggerated. 

At the same time, Corso himself suddenly died from an unexpected heart attack just a few months after the release of his book. 

Conspirologists believe that he was simply killed because he revealed a lot of secrets.

Colonel Corso did not suffer from mental illness, was not a fanatic, he did not have obsessive phobias. His entire military career shows him brave. decisive, executive, and tough commander.

 In 1945, he secured the passage of thousands of Jewish refugees from Rome, during the Korean War he worked in intelligence and monitored prisoners of war camps in North Korea, and after the war, he worked as an employee of the National Security Council under Eisenhower. 

In general, all of the above does not fit with the fact that in the late 1990s he suddenly became interested in UFO topics, released his book, and also repeatedly participated in an interview with the popular paranormal radio “Coast to Coast AM”

And in an interview and in a book, Corso repeatedly claimed that the US government was hiding the truth about UFOs and aliens in order to take advantage of this in a technical breakthrough. 

According to him, even Reagan’s famous Star Wars initiative (Strategic Defense Initiative) was intended not so much against enemy Soviet satellites as against the potential invasion of alien ships into Earth orbit. 

This can be discussed for a long time, but back to the title of this article. In the same book, “The Day After Roswell,” Corso described not only the wreckage of a UFO, but also talked about those “alien bodies.” that were found in a fallen object and also carefully studied.

According to Corso, all the signs indicated that these “Gray” aliens were not really aliens, but biorobots specially created by someone to work on other planets. Corso wrote that as far as he knew, no one had ever seen real aliens at all, and all eyewitnesses or kidnapped persons were confronted only with big-headed and black-eyed “bio machines”.

To prove this, Corso described what he saw at the autopsy of the bodies of these “Grays.” They did not have any digestive system, while their bodies were electronically connected with the controls of the spacecraft. 

“Perhaps we should consider these UBOs (extraterrestrial biological objects), as indicated in autopsy reports, as humanoid robots, and not as life forms specifically designed for traveling long distances in space and time,” wrote Corso.

“Although doctors could not understand how their body works in terms of chemistry, they found that it did not contain any basic elements unknown to people. Of particular interest was the liquid that served in their place of blood.

In these biological objects, the circulatory and lymphatic systems were combined. If there was any kind of nutrient exchange in these systems, then it could only occur through the skin or some external protective coating that they wore, because they did not have a digestive system or a way through which the remnants of food leave the body.

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  1. Apparently, Rendlesham has been dubbed a Hoax by many. The recordings made on one of the guys small Recorders is a ‘put up job’, simply because you can tell by his tone of voice when he says, “This is Weird”, they are just not excited enough and are poor actors which doesn’t convince me, but makes good Television!
    As for three balls of light turning into ‘Beings’, if a craft ever landed at all, is unlikely but IF it happened, they are Holograms, but what else was there, they reported no actual interaction with such apparitions…or did they. They filmed them…allegedly, then had the equipment seized?
    IF Aliens have been here before, in my opinion, they are not true living beings, but probably some of the most complex Androids ever made, and ‘Organic’. At a guess, why send REAL beings on a Light Years journey when you can create Androids and post them off instead?
    Supposing a civilisation was hundreds of thousands of years in advance of us, then think of where we have come in less than 100 years. With Ai, progress they could be so far advanced that ‘Aliens’ could be programmed with peoples minds, skills and experiences?
    The Thin bodies needing no nourishment, large ‘eyes’ which could be lenses with recognition devices built in, and the there bodies are flexible, dexterous power sources with Microchips of sorts, to store all possible aspects of what they see and can do which can be downloaded into a database…even from billions of miles away…IF they have the technology? To all intents and purposes, these Ai Robots are ‘ALIVE’…but not alive as we know it (Sorry!).
    Don’t forget we have Robots that build cars after being programmed to do so, therefore in the time span mentioned above, the Ai advancement could be so far forward, age and time means nothing, so even if a civilisation of generations has long gone, these ‘Beings’ can go on and on without degrading, to bring back information they’ve gleaned throughout the Universe to pass on to those who supersede previous generations who sent them on their journeys?
    Food for thought?

  2. Actual greys/grays are of demonic nature-robotic, soulless puppets so to speak controlled by dark spiritual forces from really negative dimensions(think of that Chaos dimension in the excellent Event Horizon film!) which are obsessed with how humans procreate and are created. Greys are made of a type of etheric matter and the UFO crafts used are a living bio mechanical shell like creature much like a snail is!

    The quest of the Greys’ masters is to isolate the soul or life spark of humanity to use for their own experiments- since they are disembodied.

    All abductions with physical symptoms/implants etc are probably government based-psy ops agenda. Actual abductions by aliens-gobblygook/fake- are all done in the etheric which is the exact duplicate of this Earth plane. Wonder why none of the abductees ever want to use the bathroom or mention it? It’s all done in the mind and the Greys are expert in this type of trickery!

    Actual aliens The Nordics live in deep underground caverns. A cold scientific minded humanoid type which has no interest in humanity. Other actual aliens may be(radical New Age theory!) the unused auras of the human soul. The true soul has quite a few auras-not just the human personality/ego you think you are. The soul expands itself/consciousness into one or more auras and lives a different life in astral spheres. Each life unaware of the other! The multiverse is real and it is only One consciousness(God?) splitting itself into a trillion upon trillion creations at any one time or time since it is all the Now at any one time!

    Apparently Earth is the only place where ‘true’ physical life exists, outside of this is only astral/etheric matter.

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