Contact UFO: File Coyame, the case “Roswell” of Mexico

We started a new ufology section, which we have called “Contact UFO” and in which we collaborate with the YouTube channel ” The Cross 1984 “. In this first article we will talk about the Coyame incident, a case that begins on August 24, 1974. An unidentified flying object flies in an apparently direction towards Corpus Christi, a city of Texas, located in the Gulf of Mexico.

That strange object is detected by a radar of the air defense of the United States, drawing much attention of the air traffic controllers who were that morning in the control tower, due to the great speed that came to reach the device, about 4000 kilometers per hour approximately.

The movement of that object was straight and relatively normal, but suddenly everything took an unexpected turn and, being recognized by the controllers, it changed direction towards the town of Santiago de Coyame, in the state of Chihuahua, in the desert of Mexico.

Quickly the US authorities took letters in the scare and sent a military plane that took off from El Paso, Texas, to Coyame, following the track by the radar of the plane and the unidentified object, they could see how the two objects disappeared in the same point, what that made logical thinking, that the objects had collided with each other.

Upon hearing of what happened the army of the United States government wanted to intervene and offer their services to help in the recovery of the remains, but the government of Mexico totally refused, rejecting any kind of help from the Americans.

The government of Mexico immediately sent a vehicle with a rescue team to the place to try to find out what had happened and recover some rest, but the US government despite receiving the denial of not wanting to receive their help disobeyed the Mexican government and 4 Hirling helicopters with a team of 15 soldiers who went to the scene.

Mainly none of the two sides knew what had really happened or what could be found in the area. The government of the United States from the first moment had shown a great deal of interest in the occurrence of the events in that place and how everything had happened, the great speed of the object, that sudden change of direction, did not give credence to what happened. seen on the radar, as if it seemed that the object to be detected by them had changed trajectory and had decided immediately to turn as if to mislead. But the worst, the darkest and most suspicious was yet to come …

As the reconnaissance team’s reconnaissance reports later showed, when the US military arrived at the scene, they arrived late, they found the Mexican authorities team in place, but … dead. Its 4 members, Captain Rogelio Arguelles González, Sergeant Teófilo Margarito Puebla, Corporal José Trinidad Meras and Corporal Ricardo Vela were at the scene and apparently had been killed by asphyxia, they could verify that the deceased Mexican military had not had the opportunity to defend himself or at least there were no signs that they had tried since they still had their weapons loaded.

The case then began to turn into a scene of panic and uncertainty after finding there the four victims. In the place a few meters from the victims was the unidentified flying object but there was no sign of the first plane, which in theory collided with him UFO. The object was metallic, little known aspect and was overturned in the vicinity of the desert near the vehicle where the 4 Mexican occupants died.

The fast American team prepares to take the object from there with the purpose of studying it and trying to decipher its origin. So the US military moved the object and took it to a distance of approximately 15 kilometers where a convoy was waiting for them to transfer the device by train to the base of the Armed Forces area of ​​the United States of Ray Patterson, located in Ohio, where there has been a popular belief for many years that this place is always related to similar incidents, spaceships, extraterrestrial life, etc.

The most intriguing point of interest in this story would be the death of these four Mexican soldiers, some reason had to be to end their lives, otherwise there would be no sense, that strange way of his death raised many suspicions and such as has already occurred in other cases have been filed without clarifying the facts as we could mention as for example the famous case of Roswell where it was also shown that the remains of the ship found was of a notorious interest on the part of the government of the United States of America .

And the case was discussed and treated as the so-called reverse engineering, that is, the American recovery team to see that the Mexicans had arrived before them, they had orders to arrive and get rid of the four Mexican soldiers in order to access them. to the unidentified flying object with the purpose of obtaining the technology of the ship for national interests and not being able to let escape those that had already arrived, there was a lot of speculation about what happened there that afternoon because everything seemed to indicate that they had been killed by the soldiers Americans

About the final destination of the object there is not enough information to deduce what happened there that day, all conjecture is denied, the suspicions silenced and testimonies evaded. Of the files of what could be this ufológico file I am mostly all hidden, neither of the two governments was mentioned, they did not offer reasonable explanation to what happened, but the villagers and some witnesses show a very different reality.

When several witnesses were discovered of what happened between the inhabitants of Coyame, the US authorities decided to cover up this UFO incident by giving the order to the Mexican government to deny what happened that day there and they proceeded to eliminate the vast majority of records and evidence. This case, like others, also invites us to reflect on the power that some governments can exercise when they have certain political interests hidden among them in order to achieve their objective … No? 

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