The Foo Fighters Of The World War 2 And Einstein's Advice

The Foo Fighters Of The World War 2 And Einstein’s Advice

Why didn’t US Navy pilots shoot UFOs they recently filmed even though they were in restricted military airspace? The answer dates back to 1952 and the Foo fighters of the world war 2. Let’s take a detailed look.

The Foo Fighters Of The World War 2 And Einstein's Advice

Despite the Pentagon’s claims that it doesn’t know what these objects are, the policy of not confronting them dates back to 1952, when then-President Harry Truman rescinded a direct order to shoot down UFOs after an unusual surge over Washington, DC—and elsewhere. throughout the US—which took place the aforementioned year.

According to a recently discovered historical report (see PDF), this was because renowned scientist Albert Einstein and other academics interceded and told the president that it was not a good idea.

The UFOs And Study On Foo Fighters Ordered By President Truman

Direct presidential involvement in the flying saucer situation for President Truman began in 1949 when he commissioned a study on the “Foo Fighters” that plagued both sides during World War II.

The Foo Fighters Of The World War 2 And Einstein's Advice
Foo Fighters during World War II.

The Foo Fighters were spheres of light about a meter in diameter that chased and paced German and Allied aircraft during the conflict. Both sides involved in the war actions considered the possibility that they were secret weapons used by the enemy. However, the question of what these little flying objects were was never really resolved.

General Jimmy Doolittle directed the study that Truman had ordered. The conclusion was amazing. Since both sides had dealt with these mysterious balls of light, it could not be something man-made and the origin of it was, in the general’s own words, “probably extraterrestrial”.

In the following decade, the US military was inundated with UFO sightings, raising fears of an uncontrollable situation that would unleash total panic among the citizenry. In this context, the Washington press corps began to demand answers about this disconcerting phenomenon that plagued the American skies.

Does Truman send a message?

On April 4, 1950, trying to stay on top of the situation, President Truman made the following statement through his press secretary: “I can assure you that flying saucers, since they exist, are not built by any power. in on Earth.”

Some reports place the statement at a conference held in Washington. Unfortunately, on the day in question, the president was at his residence in Key West, Florida, and did not hold a press conference. But it is known that his press secretary, Charles Ross, usually held two meetings with reporters to answer questions.

The latter was given some confirmation when a Time magazine article later quoted the statement about the president’s alleged ignorance about the situation as belonging to Ross. Dated April 17, 1950, it read: “Truman sends a message through his press secretary that he knows nothing about the saucers.”

July 1952 UFO Shootdown Order

During the summer of 1952, there were a large number of UFO sightings throughout the United States. They spread to two very public waves that were tracked from three different locations as they flew over the White House, the Capitol, and the Pentagon on July 19 and 26.

The Foo Fighters Of The World War 2 And Einstein's Advice
The headline in the New York Times. 
July 1952.

A massive backlog of sightings in the US in 1952, especially in July, alarmed the Truman administration,” wrote Gerald K. Haines, author, and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) historian.

It led the Truman administration to give the order to shoot down the flying saucers. On July 26, 1952, the Air Force obeyed and gave the order: “Shoot them!”

UFOs are sighted and photographed over the Capitol in Washington DC, July 26, 1952.

“However, several prominent scientists, including Albert Einstein, protested the order to the White House and urged that it be rescinded, not only in the interest of future intergalactic peace but also in the interest of self-preservation: aliens would certainly consider an attack of a fighter aircraft as a violation of the universal laws of hospitality,” Haines added.

The order to ‘shoot them down was consequently withdrawn at the White House at five in the afternoon… But that same night the saucers returned.

Will The History Repeat Itself?

Now, 70 years later, the Pentagon’s latest public stance is that it still doesn’t know what a small but significant minority of these UFOs/UAPs are, but promises to continue studying the phenomenon. However, it seems that he is clinging to what might be called the “Truman Doctrine”; that is, do not shoot at these unknown—and probably non-terrestrial—intruders.

So if Haines’ account is true, we have another reason to be grateful to Albert Einstein.

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