Aliens Could Have Originated On Earth Do They Intend To Create Alien Human Hybrids

Aliens Could Have Originated On Earth: Do They Intend To Create Alien Human Hybrids?

Mysterious abductions of humans are generally linked with Unidentified flying objects, which are used as a vehicle to capture their victims. The question arises about where these UFOs originate from and who creates them. Do they have underground bases located inside the Earth only or do they belong to some other planets and galaxies?

 alien abductions
alien abductions

Theories of Alien-Human Hybrids

The reports that aliens are purportedly trying to create “hybrid” kids – humanoids capable of bridging human culture and the society of others are not only shocking but intriguing as well.
Due to its horrific implications, this infamous breeding program has emerged as the theme of a number of books. Various actions and activities of extraterrestrials are attempted to be explained by authors such as David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins.

Human abductions and UFOs are considered to be strongly linked. It is considered that UFOs are some mysterious and technically advanced vehicles that are utilized by abductors to carry out their duties. It is believed by the UFO experts that the “grays” are compelled to abduct humans in order to treat their genetic ailments. The experts are of the opinion that Grays are incapable of naturally conceiving, and their only hope is human DNA infusions. Numerous critics have highlighted that this version is far from faultless.

Genetic Alterations( Alien Human Hybrids )
Genetic Alterations

Geneticists criticize the notion that humans and aliens are genetically compatible, comparing it to a human attempting to successfully mate with an insect. True, recent advances in transgenic engineering have made the unthinkable conceivable.

Yet it is difficult to believe that advanced aliens, who appear to be thousands of years ahead of us technologically, would rely solely on abduction to collect the genetic samples they require. When applied to a culture capable of interplanetary travel or instantaneous space-time travel, this hypothesis appears particularly ludicrous.

Logically, they should have genetic engineering expertise vastly superior to ours. Even a civilisation that was only a few hundred years ahead of ours would have learned the fundamentals of nanotechnology and would have judged methods such as the forceful removal of an egg or sperm to be antiquated.

alien and UFOs
alien and UFOs

Could it be possible that Aliens are earthlings?

To some extent, it could be said that a certain number of extraterrestrials living among us and inhabit in the same territory as ours. The common notion of them flying to earth from some distant solar system could be false.

Their numerous references to the cosmos (such as the famous “star chart” seen to abductee Betty Hill) may be a ruse to appeal to our collective “space visitor” hysteria and convince us to look farther in space. The keen interest of the extraterrestrial species in the humans are the evidence of them being associated with the earthlings for a long period of time. 

Clearly, not all contactees who claim to have met friendly and human-like aliens were deceivers and eccentrics. It is probable that some individuals actually interacted with aliens.

In addition, the fact that the “others” first came to us as space travellers shortly after the development of nuclear weapons on Earth may appear to contradict the theory of their terrestrial origin. However, is it so?

Gray Aliens
Gray Aliens

If we were to be involved with the wildlings and observed them acquiring increasingly terrible weapons or preparing to destroy the region where we reside, may be we would be motivated to interfere. However, considering our own safety, we would do it only in a manner which do not compromise with the safety of our own race, while also communicating your message to these same barbarians.

If we humans are actually sharing our Earth with whose terrestrial origin appears as plausible as the alien explanation, it is feasible that we are numerically and/or technologically superior to them. The “others” would be compelled to exist on the periphery of normal human perception and may employ methods on humans comparable to the great developments in interfaces for thinking machines and “mind control” that have occurred in recent years.

Is it not odd that majority of the alien encounters involves the use of medicines and needles injected into the victim’s head? Before speaking with the crew, abducted individuals are sometimes given a nauseous drink or shown psychedelically processed images or scenes. So is it true that the extraterrestrials wish to change our view on reality. 

Further, the post hypnotic commands after the alien encounters to forget everything that has been experienced by the victims are also of major concern. Why are these protective barriers frequently “broken” with such astonishing ease? Is it because we are not dealing with extraterrestrials from other galaxies, but with someone closer and simpler?

Well, whosoever these extraterrestrials are, their knowledge of our psychological “vocabulary” is nothing short of astounding! This is in no way comparable to a pragmatic “genetic harvest.” Where do “aliens” obtain their humanity? And what does this mean for our future?

After eliminating esoteric hypotheses, we are left with the unsettling possibility that at least one “crypto-earth” population on our planet is afflicted with a possibly severe genetic condition.

Moreover, it appears that these extra terrestrials are desperate and, at the same time, extremely intelligent species who have been gathering the “harvest” from our people for decades in an attempt to mend their genetic makeup.

And this does not necessitate malice: if we were in a comparable circumstance, we would very definitely take similarly painful and laborious measures to protect our anonymity.

This is roughly the viewpoint expressed by MacTonnies in his September 30, 2008, article titled “Human Alien Hybrids?” However, this version and its surroundings present their own unique challenges.

Are Humans the Ultimate Targets?

Could it be possible that the we are the ultimate targets of the extraterrestrials? Do they intend to make super humans by altering the human genes? Could it be possible that they are already living amoung us?

Many of the concerns of such a mysterious community may be resolved by eradicating or severely restricting humankind’s ability to increase the population of the planet. If we share the planet with another intelligent society, there is a chance that it will undertake guerilla warfare against us, including the use of genetic weapons.

Isn’t this the purpose of hybridization? Where do the newborns that aliens frequently abduct from the wombs of pregnant women during the third or fourth month of pregnancy go? Where and how are hybrids utilised? What are these hybrids, exactly?

If we and the “others” truly share the same planet, then this may be a mutually beneficial symbiosis or a “predator-prey” relationship.  It appears that we are really already castrated – as a biological species in general. Who knows how the implants installed in humans are utilised? And the gradual change of our behaviour is nothing more than a precursor to our moral and physical castration.

Well, What is your take on this alien-human hybrid concept, let us know in the comment section.

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