12,000 Years Old Body of a Anunnaki King Found Completely intact?

This discovery of the body of a Anunnaki King was made completely by chance in 2008, and if we know what happened is certainly thanks to the Russian media, and to the television press.

It happened in Kurdistan, Iran, a country quite closed to the world, at least in the western world, but in good relations with Russia.

Body of a Anunnaki King

The finding was hidden until today, we get to know what has been published by the Russian press.

The discovery was made during the foundation of a house.

A Mausoleum containing three coffins was found, and after making more concise excavations, the remains of an ancient civilization and the ruins of a city were found in a layer of earth.

Archaeologists determined that the monument and the city were built between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago, a date quickly revised by the Islamic authorities after Find publication in the Russian press.

The Iranian authorities publicly stated that the ruins were 850 years old, which obviously does not correspond to the facts and is, again, an official lie.

Of the three sarcophagi found in the mausoleum, we only have video evidence of the first two.

We know nothing of the third, nor of its content, nor of who was inside.

Body of a Anunnaki King

As you can see, it is very difficult from the video to determine the height of the individual, although they appear to be very tall.

Both seem to be in a state of suspended animation. One wears a crown, suggesting that he was the ruler of the city, and was buried, as can be observed, with his sorcerer, which leads him to conclude that in the third sarcophagus must have contained his wife Reina.

There are gold coins placed in the eyes of the king, which is a well-attested habit of antiquity. This is a first blow to the official lie that the ruins are from the twelfth century.

It can be observed that the body has Caucasian features, but copper skin: the second individual sarcophagus shares these same characteristics.

It looks like they are adorned with gold and precious stones.

These ornaments carry a cuneiform script that is not identifiable but has been translated, which tells the name of the second man found in the second sarcophagus and his proffession

The royal sarcophagus seems to be clothed with gold or metal and near the monarch a gold casket can be seen encrusted with strange gems, just like those found adorning the king.

Is this the first real evidence of the knowledge bearers? Are these beings who lived before the great flood and linked with the people and were directly related to the development of human civilization? Or is it just another fake news? Leave us your comment! (I.e.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that we have seen videos that claim to depict ancient mummies excavated by the Soviet Union.
While the majority of them are certainly hoaxes, but few of them are really fascinating and intriguing.

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  1. This is so real that it ain’t funny. There a lot going on in the universe than what you can see with your physical eyes.

  2. Why would a solar system ruler .have poxy Egyptian artifacts? I know id have much beta toys than this .big place universe lots of choice .ho all i want is these old relics ..to show .earthlings…HUMBUG HUMBUG..

  3. Nice this marvelous piece. I really loved reading
    it plus have to say 1 thing – you happen to be an amazing writer.
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    Thanks for your work, have the good day

  4. Hello Everyone, my name is Adam and I’m currently reading up on the Annunaki and Ancient space civilizations. I grew up Muslim and obviously with that being said, had a different perspective on reality and origins of mankind. However, after doing further digging, I realized Islam has yet or hasn’t acknowledged alot of this especially the emerald tablets and other ancient ruins across the globe. What are your thoughts, are there any other Muslims who feel this way as well ?

    1. I’m Christian and I believe a lot of our past is actually in the Bible and the Quran. We just have to have a mind to read it and believe what we’re reading is true. Read Genesis Chapter 6 verse 4. Ask where did they come from? The nephilim (those from heaven that come down) clearly are the fallen angels kicked from heaven. They hated mankind and are not to be trifled with! But there’s people today seeking to bring them back, false prophets.

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