Déjà Vu: Memories Of Our Life In A Parallel Universe

Who of you has never experienced in your life a Déjà vu, that strange sensation that the present moment already happened in the past? Déjà vu is a French term that means “already seen”. It was coined by Émile Boirac (1851-1917), a French psychic researcher, in his book L’Avenir des Sciences Psychiques (translated as The Future of Psychological Sciences), and defined it as “the illusion of remembering scenes and events when Experience for the first time. “

According to recent research, at least 79% of the population claims to have had a Déjà vu experience once in their lifetime and generally affects people aged 15-25. This experience happens at random times and only lasts for a few seconds. Most people say that a strange sensation takes over them and they realize that they have had déjà vu.

In the most amazing cases, the other people who meet us may experience the same sensation at that exact moment. To this day, déjà vu remains a mystery, however, there are all sorts of theories, as they could be memories of real memories of our past lives or a collection of one of the memories stored that simply resurge when people Are in a similar situation.

But there are also some who suggest that Déjà vu occurs when the parallel universes are in a perfect alignment a moment in concrete.

The Scientific Theory Behind Déjà Vu

Is it possible to communicate with the different parallel universes? The answer is clear, some physicists believe that the multiverse exists in our reality, in our home, in our workplace, or in our room. Dr. Michio Kaku, an American physicist, and expert in string field theory revealed the possible causes of Déjà vu.

The scientific theory is that the phenomenon is caused by fragments of memories that we have stored in our brains. And Dr. Kaku acknowledged that this theory has been tested experimentally and would explain most cases. Although the American theoretical physicist also said that there is a possibility that Déjà vu was caused by the ability to change between different universes, also called the multiverse.

Déjà vu

The idea that there are other universes (multiverse theory) has been supported by several scientists, including theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg. Professor Weinberg compared the theory of the multiple universes with radio signals. Around us, there are hundreds of different radio waves emitted from distant antennas. Our office, our car, or our living room is filled with these radio waves. However, radio can receive only one frequency at a time; The other frequencies will continue until they can be tuned. Each antenna has a different power and a different frequency. As a result, our radio can only tune in one broadcast at a time.

In the same way, in our universe, we are “tuned” to the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. However, there are an infinite number of parallel realities that coexist with us in the same room, even though we can not tune them out. And although worlds are very similar to ours, each one has a different energy. And because each world is made up of billions of billions of atoms, this means that the energy difference is enormous. Since the frequency of these waves is proportional to their energy, this means that the waves of each world vibrate at different frequencies and can not interact with each other.

Déjà vu

For Dr. Kaku, the theory of the parallel universes could explain the Déjà vu. At times we would be able to “tune in” to the different dimensions and the feeling of having lived the moment before would really correspond to one of our “other lives.”

Visions of our “other lives”

So if the theory of the parallel universes and the Déjà vu is correct, the question is: Then what reality do we see? How is our life in the other dimensions? Each person in a universe has a counterpart in the other universe with the same name, ancestry, appearance, and possibly with the same work, but with a very different personality. Generally, parallel universes are divided into two classifications. The first may be more accurately termed a “divergent universe, where two versions of Earth share a common history to a point of divergence. At this point, the result of some stories happens differently in the two Lands and the stories are increasingly different as time elapses from that point. The second type is where there are more similarities between the two Lands.

But in all cases, they are parallel lives because as scientists explore the outer limits of physics and the cosmos, they are beginning to believe that parallel universes exist and could determine the fate of humanity. At present, we are already sure that our Universe is not all that there is. In fact, we are only one of our countless personalities. All this makes us wonder who our alter egos are, and if we are living similar dreams. But do not forget this other possibility we could already be living the dream of one of our lives in a parallel universe.

The Key To Discovering The Truth Behind Déjà Vu

So the next time you have a déjà vu, you could be having memories of others from your lives in another parallel dimension. And although some scientists support this theory, the scientific community does not want us to think much beyond what we see and thus keep us in a state of hypnotism, where we are not what we believe, rather they think for us. We must keep an open mind to all possibilities, however improbable they may seem. Experiences as common as our dreams, Déjà vu, or encounters with supernatural entities could be evidence that we live in one of our infinite lives, and if we are able to decipher these mysteries, we will have the key to our true origins, a reality where we do not We are controlled or manipulated, where we are who decide who we are or want to be.

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