Derinkuyu- The largest undergroud city on the planet, an ancient refuge

Derinkuyu in Turkey was built 2,800 years ago or more to house 20,000 people underground.
Why did they need to take refuge?

About the city Derinkuyu

Derinkuyu is an immense underground city 85 meters deep. 
It has houses, bathrooms, kitchens, warehouses … everything that a person needs to live.
It is thought that its main construction was carried out between the 7th and 8th centuries BC but it could be much older. 
Another highlight is that a connection has been found with the mythology of Zoroastrianism, where God Ahura Mazda and the construction of an underground shelter are described to withstand a fatal winter suggesting an Ice Age.
Derinkuyu’s name means “deep well.”
It was considered a lost city until 1963 when it was discovered by accident. 
The ruins are located in Cappadocia, a historical region of Anatolia (Turkey) that is notable for its huge number of 200 underground cities.
Interestingly, Derinkuyu is six times bigger than all of them.

Derinkuyu- The largest undergroud city on the planet, an ancient refuge
Illustration of the underground floors of Derinkuyu

Derinkuyu: Complete Houses in an Underground World

Cappadocia has been inhabited by various cultures since ancient times. 
Archaeologists think that Derinkuyu was built in the 800s BC by the Phrygians, an Indo-European people.
Others conclude that it was built by the Hittites in the years 1,600 BC.
The tunnels were expanding by different cultures in the following centuries: Byzantines, Persians, Greeks, etc.
All of them would have used these dwellings in order to take refuge from the various wars that this region suffered, such as the Arab-Byzantine wars (780-1180 AD).

Derinkuyu- The largest undergroud city on the planet, an ancient refuge
Large underground ventilation shaft

The city has complex houses, with everything you need to live in comfort: rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, food warehouses, wells, and even small churches. 
Among the most impressive was the engineering to build a large network of ventilation ducts and a network of aqueducts with fresh water.

Zoroastrian mythology and the shelter for a harsh winter

Archaeologist Omer Demir is of the opinion that this underground world could be much older than the Phrygians or Hittites, reaching up to the Paleolithic era (12,000 years ago).
Alternative researchers, based on ancient mythology, expose that Derinkuyu would have been built by antediluvians, to safeguard themselves from the universal Flood. But wouldn’t it have flooded? 
The underground city actually has a hermetic closure system with huge rock wheels.

Left: a chapel. Right: a large hall

There is also a connection to the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism: Prophet Yima was contacted by Ahura Mazda, a God of the heavens. 
The reason was the indication to build an underground shelter, in order to protect the Cappadocians from a “fatal winter. “ 
This winter could have been Ice Age (more than 12,000 years ago).

Derinkuyu Underground City is very enigmatic, it may have been built to protect itself from invasions, but its engineering is very complex and indicates a long-term project.
The theory of shelter for a natural disaster makes sense (like an ice age). 
It is notable that it appeared first in religious texts.

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