The story behind the reptilian statue of the Horyuji Nara Temple, Japan

In 2017, under great secrecy, a statue(reptilian statue of the Horyuji Nara Temple) resembling a reptile’s figure was removed from the exhibition for the visiting public. This happened in Japan, in the temple of Hōryū-Ji Nara, in Nara prefecture in Ikaruga, where it was removed so that it now has unknown whereabouts.

reptilian statue of the Horyuji Nara Temple

The reason for its withdrawal was the reptilian aspect of the statue, which leads one to think that, the evidence is present throughout the world, although certain groups hide these monuments.

This means that a transcendent event happened at a time in the history of humanity that cannot be erased.

Not only, the ancient civilizations of the Middle East, protect among their archaeological finds, the possibility that something non-human was present in one or several epochs of history.(reptilian statue of the Horyuji Nara Temple)

Also in some representative figures of deities of many Mesoamerican cultures, as an example is Quetzalcoatl or feathered serpent of the Mayan people.

And not only were these cultures and many more, but also those that flourished in the Far East, such as Japan in the Edo era of the Shogun, from 1603 to 1868.

Supposedly, not only would there be the presence of some alien race, in ancient times, but they appeared in more recent times.

Possibly, because of the growth of the human population, small groups of this alien race had to circumvent their survival under the dominion of the man of that time.

Over time, perhaps his disappearance occurred, but there could also be a migratory movement to other places on the planet.

Perhaps, they are among us, with artificial physical characteristics similar to man, and possibly have contact with some human groups.

In 2017, a reptile-shaped statue was removed from one of the oldest temples in Japan where this mysterious statue was guarded.

For a couple of years, this statue is not in this temple, and supposedly, it remains hidden within its facilities, but there is no way to prove it.

It would not be the first time that museums and other entities where they are protected remove certain archaeological finds in strange ways and are hidden from people.

An indication that extraterrestrial beings lived in this place, looked similar to the sculptures carved by the ancient Sumerians.

In the Edo era of Japan, when he ruled Shogun, there was a hierarchy that involved all the citizens of this nation. The first was ruler of the territory, Shogun was accompanied by the Samurai, the warriors who protected the kingdom.

Then followed the farmers and farmers, responsible for the cultivation of rice and vegetables. In the next, there were industrial workers, and the fourth class included merchants.

A last class at the bottom of the hierarchy belonged to a marginalized race of the rest of the population, known as the “nonhumans.”

They looked like a reptile, they lived far from cities, in remote villages where there were nearby forests. These beings were good hunters.

The reason for the population’s fear of these outcasts was to consume the meat of animals. In addition, they were afraid if they got to live with them.

Shogun asked this breed to manufacture leather armor and resistant weapons. They were given the charge of being the executors of the people who altered the order and the law.

But the Japanese militia did not exist as such, so reptilian beings became the warrior race of the Shogun, which gave rise to the samurai of today.

Do you think that, someday, these alien beings will finally make themselves known and thus know the other reality of our world?

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  1. Nara-era was about 1500 years ago. Edo-era was quite recently (just about 200 years ago). The reptile-headed statutes were included in many statutes surrounding the dying buddha statute. I suppose that the reptile-headed statutes did not have bad mind because they sat on their knees (sitting in seiza-style, it is very polite way of sitting in Japan) Thank you.

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