Diamond-Shaped UFO Captured in The Sky Over Colombia

A few days ago, an unnamed eyewitness was on a passenger flight from Bogota to Salento, Colombia, and captured video of a diamond-shaped UFO flying very close to the plane.

An object with a metallic sheen appeared in the clouds and flew next to the plane for several seconds, keeping pace with it. 

Diamond-Shaped UFO Captured in The Sky Over Colombia

Then the plane’s wing hid it and it remained unclear whether the UFO continued to fly the same course, changed direction, or disappeared again into the clouds.

Then the UFO also flew very close to the plane, although not a passenger plane, but a private one, and although from a distance it also seemed diamond-shaped, up close it looked like a disk standing on its edge.

It is possible that this is the same UFO, or that the aliens have a base somewhere in the Columbia area and they launch flying objects of this type for reconnaissance or other purposes.

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