Nat Geo Photographer Says He Encountered Advanced Underwater Aliens

National Geographic director of underwater photography and member of Ocean X revealed that he has seen Advanced Underwater Aliens

Nat Geo artist Says He Encountered Underwater Aliens “More Advanced Than Humans”

Advanced Underwater Aliens

The UFO subject has become a completely liberal one within theprevious couple of months.

Never before have folks had the libertyto talk out regarding Unidentified Flying Objects, close Encounters, and potential alien sightings on Earth.

A Subject that was once deeply shrouded during a conspiracy, has currently become the topic of study not just forscience however the military and governments round the globe.

Videos have surfaced where we see pilots chasing down flying objects that can perform unconventional maneuvers; fast at unbelievable speeds, creating nearly unimaginable turns, or stopping mid-air.

Two UFOs flying in the sky. Shutterstock. Advanced Underwater Aliens

Pilots have reported the objects they’ve encountered within the air as “unlike something they’ve ever seen.”

But stories regarding aliens and UFOs don’t appear to plan on stopping anytime shortly.

Now, it’s been reported by the IBT that a Nat Geo photographer and member of the OceanX team has encountered underwater aliens while his diving assignments.

According to the photographer, the alien beings fit stingrays though they seem to be way more advanced than humans.

This is per Luis Lamar, National Geographic’s director of underwater photography, and member of OceanX.

According to his web site, the underwater photographer “has sent robotic camera systems into one among the deepest ocean trenches on earth & he has logged many hours in manned submarines, as well as on 5 expeditions with the U.S. Navy’s deepest-diving manner analysis submersible ALVIN, diving beyond12,000 feet deep within the abyss to photograph environments at the perimeters of the ocean frontier.”

The claims made by Lamar were conferred during a short video created by his company, wherever the underwater photographer speaks regarding the various lifeforms he has encountered below the surface.

And whereas describing the many strange marine species he saw below the ocean, he mentioned encountering what seemed to be alien beings, way more advanced than humans.

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“I’ve seen big deep ocean arachnids, venomous ocean snakes way offshore with, like bright-yellow heads,” Lamar disclosed.

“Sharks during fury, Orcas swarming all around me,” the underwater photographer continued.

“Some type of you know, hyper Advanced Underwater Aliens inhabiting the shallow waters, which nearly seem like stingrays.”

But though he has seen several ‘terrifying’ creatures while cataloging the beauties of our oceans, Lamar still argues the oceans are an unbelievable place to explore and be in.

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Via – IBT

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