The Strange Disappearance of 600 Hoer Verde Village Residents 

The Strange Disappearance of 600 Hoer Verde Village Residents 

The mystical disappearance of an entire village in Brazil took place in 1923. The village, Hoer Verde was home to around 600 people and they disappeared without a trace. A small town in Brazil with 600 people disappeared without heads up, having left behind a few strange clues and many theories. The baffling disappearance came to the notice when a group of travelers who needed to restock on food and water came and discovered a village that had been deserted by its residents. They were astonished by what they saw in the village.

The disappearance of Hoer Verde Village
The disappearance of entire towns

In the settlement, not one person could be found. Only the wind, strolling over the desolate streets, welcomed the unexpected visitors. The visitors lamentably creaked open doors and abandoned homes’ hinges. Many homes were visited by travelers. The scenario was similar everywhere. Items and furnishings were placed where they belonged. There were dishes with already-sour food on them on the tables. No signs of a battle or other violent interference into the village’s daily life were discovered anywhere.

Travelers in fear hastened out of the awful place. They traveled to the closest community and informed the police of what they had seen in Hoer Verde. The military was dispatched there along with a commission. A thorough examination of the village proposed certain results. A weapon that had just been fired was discovered in one of the homes, but the location and target were unknown.

The detectives arrived at the school located in the village to uncover the most horrible discovery. There was an alarming statement that read, “There is no salvation,” on a chalkboard in one of the classes. The fate of locals was not clarified by these results, nevertheless.

What really happened with the people of Hoer Verde Village?

The mystery of Hoer Verde appears to be enveloped in different theories, some of which come from out of this world or another dimension, and some of which come from Brazil’s history at the time. However, most articles and magazines seem to sometimes dismiss what seems to be the real solution to this mystery.

Extraterrestrial Intervention In Hoer Verde Village?

Extraterrestrial Intervention In Hoer Varde Village
Extraterrestrial Intervention

The next theory is extraterrestrial intervention. The theory states that aliens came and took all 600 people from the village. If, and this is a big “if,” the stories about aliens taking people away were true. Aliens have never taken a lot of people away at once. Also, that other village would have seen or told someone about a big alien spaceship that took 600 people at some point.

Creation of a Black hole?

Though this theory has been ruled out by a number of researchers. This theory says that a black hole consumed all 600 people who lived in Hoer Verde and sent them all to a fourth dimension. However black hole theory can be proven wrong. Black holes are places in space where gravity is so intense that nothing can get out, not even light. If a black hole had opened up in the Brazilian town of Hoer Verde, it wouldn’t have just taken the people who lived in that particular village but a lot more. The black hole’s strong gravitational pull would have pulled the whole town and maybe even the whole planet.

Black Hole
Black Hole


It was thought that because of the nation’s political issues, the population may depart. Maybe as a result of the partisans that were hidden in the woods. But 600 persons is a considerable number. They didn’t show up anyplace or in any one area of the nation.


Still a Mystery

However, nobody knows what happened to the 600 residents of the Brazilian community of Hoer Verde. There are numerous references to this story, but most appear to be based on a piece that was transcribed from a Russian magazine, which may itself have been based on some older items from the time that appeared in western media.


One of the more puzzling aspects of the Hoer Verde case is this lack of knowledge, considering the degree of detail and historical ubiquity of the story at the time must have some” provenance”.

Although some claim that this narrative was true, the authorities eventually decided to conceal the evidence of its existence and remove it from the police archive. Well, what are your views about this spooky village?

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