They discover secret images of an extraterrestrial being on the dark Internet!!


Internet is composed of three different layers: surface Internet (the surface web), deep Internet (the deep web) and the dark Internet (the dark web). The top layer, the surface Internet, are web pages that appear using search engines like Google. The deep Internet are web pages that search engines can not access and that, therefore, are hidden, and can only be accessed through passwords and authorizations.(secret images)

Every time you sign in to an account, you are accessing content from the deep Internet that is not displayed in a search engine. For example, work intranets, password-protected online banks and a blog’s control panel are stored on the deep Internet. But the dark Internet is a network of online activities and websites that are impossible to trace. (secret images)

In this digital place you can find anything from illegal activity related to finance, extremism, weapons, piracy, abuse and fraud. But we can also find surprising material about UFOs and extraterrestrials, such as photos and videos that are part of classified material. Like the video that has recently been published, where you can see how some men experiment with what seems to be a possible real extraterrestrial.(secret images)

The extraterrestrial being from the Swiss Alps

The images were recorded in 1992 and appear to show a real extraterrestrial being . The video has been discovered on the dark Internet by a man who has wanted to remain anonymous. It has been considered by experts on the subject as “hyperrealistic” and  has caused all kinds of reactions among Internet users.


The anonymous user, who claimed to have found the material in a file that was on a dark Internet server, said the file contained a video with no more references than “EBE 1992, Eiger . ” Although the video seems to be a montage with photographs, the images are so real that many Internet users have described it as “the most disturbing material of a real alien” they have ever seen in their lives.(secret images)

In the video, it seems that the photographs show what looks like a discovery of an alien life form in a cold environment, which could perfectly well be Eiger, Switzerland.

“It seems that someone made this video under pressure and in clandestine circumstances. Could this be a great discovery that was not made public? “ Said the anonymous user who discovered the video.

The information on this video is quite limited. For some it is perhaps one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind . Experts believe it is a VHS recording made in Switzerland in 1992. It shows not only an alien entity of some kind, but several people who examine it (including the camera operator). This extraterrestrial appeared as if he had been electrocuted and also seems to be dead.(secret images)

It is not clear if it is part of some kind of secret scientific discovery or if it was done in cooperation with the government, and even that it could be some cinematic dish. Obviously, this material has been kept secret for a variety of different reasons. Supposedly, this video was first discovered by someone navigating through the dark Internet. The file that this anonymous person found, also contained references to EBE that means “extraterrestrial biological entity” .  Also mentioned is “Eiger” , which could refer to the 3,970 m high mountain of the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, which is part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn complex declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.

The quality of the images seems to be quite low, so it does not leave much space for Photoshop. However, the skeptics claim that the images are false due to the “plastic” texture of the extraterrestrial being , suggesting that it was created by a human. And, as if that were not enough, Scott Brando, editor of the well-known disinformation web portal “UFO of Interest” , explained that the video appeared for the first time on YouTube published by the channel “Etrangesvideos”in September 2008. At that time it was said that the discovery was made in Quebec, Canada. However, shortly after it was known that they were only images of an exhibition of an alien corpse in a museum. Brando exposed the repetition of the deception on Twitter and accused the YouTubers of “re-sharing an old montage”.

“Have you found images of 1992 alien bodies in Switzerland on the dark Internet?” Scott Brando tweeted. “The exhibition is behind a glass panel. The emergency workers are wax figures. They do not move. “

While anything could be possible, this video could well be a great discovery that was not meant to be released to the public . What do you think about this video? Reality or assembly very well elaborated?(secret images)

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  1. “The name “”darknet”” is apropos. It just goes to show that people are not always “”good.”” There’s a whole lot of weirdness out there. That being said, I am glad that some people still hold themselves to a higher standard–but I also tend to think that this standard is a learned behavior, and not necessarily a given. At any rate, humans are lead astray rather easily…

    Your article is very compelling and gives one plenty of food for thought. Up, useful, interesting.”

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