The World in 2018 : We Reveal the Terror Hidden Secrets on the Cover of “The Economist”

The prestigious magazine “The Economist” launches its most controversial cover after having deleted a first cover that later, was replaced by what will finally be the official cover of January next year. But the most mysterious is the encrypted message that was on the cover of 1988 with a deadline: 2018.(The World in 2018)

The World in 2018

The Economist is a weekly publication in the English language, based in London (United Kingdom), which deals with the current situation of international relations and the economy from a global framework. His first issue was published in September 1843 under the direction of James Wilson. Although for historical reasons it defines itself as a newspaper, its current format is similar to that of a magazine. The publication belongs to The Economist Group, a publishing company controlled 50% by the Rothschild and Agnelli families.(The World in 2018)

The Rothschild family is a European dynasty of Jewish-German origin, some of whose members founded banks and financial institutions at the end of the 18th century, and which ended up becoming one of the most influential lineages of bankers and financiers in the world. And the Agnelli are a historic family of Italian capitalism. The origins of the political, economic, financial and industrial power of the Agnelli can be found in the incipient automobile industry that was formed in Italian Piedmont at the dawn of the 20th century.(The World in 2018)

The World in 2018

Well, this magazine has always caused much interest due to the great influences that both families have for their power. And the first issue of each year raises a lot of controversy and expectation because they predict what will happen next year by using the most fashionable trends at that time. Some covers were very controversial because they were full of successes. But the year 1988 in which a phoenix grabbed with its claws bills of all currencies of the world, while raising its wings, wearing on the neck a large medallion, simile to a coin, where among other things could be recorded 2018, It raised a lot of controversy.(The World in 2018)

This would announce what has already been announced for a long time. The new world currency, unique for the entire planet and also digital. We would run out of paper money and move on to “Beatcoin,” the digital currency. But for this it would be necessary a great economic crisis at global level, until now never seen. There is also the era of the end of oil, where electric means of transport will be bet on, and in this way the world will be computerized. Every movement of our money will be reflected and we can no longer live without getting rid of the electricity grid.
Well to this we should add the mysteries that await after the new cover. In principle there was a cover already on sale for 2018, where our planet appeared in space and could be seen large clouds that completely covered central and southern America, the entire Atlantic Ocean and the subcontinental part of Africa. This cover presented a worrying panorama taking into account that this year we have suffered great earthquakes and hurricanes in our planet. But mysteriously this cover was finally suppressed for no apparent reason.(The World in 2018)

And finally the cover that is already on sale (as we have seen on the web), is a black background full of colorful emoticons that has left people even more perplexed by its sublime subtlety. In it we can see drawings that refer to US President Donald Trump, A King Yong-un, the President of France or the King of India. There are representations of nuclear bombs, missiles, a crown representing the British royal house, a flag of the European Union with a minus star, an electric jet for cars, etc.(The World in 2018)

The World in 2018

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A whole host of elements that leave those who analyze it baffled. Although we separate the emoticons by colors previously and then assign them a value for what they represent, we can “guess” the encrypted message that they may entail.

One of the most worrying is the one that refers to possible planet Hercolosu, Nibiru or Planet X. Apparently this planet or comet (there are several open hypotheses regarding this supposed celestial body), as predicted, appears on the cover and could mean a great world catastrophe.

Undoubtedly, it is the biggest challenge that the magazine has put to its followers and it will give us what to speak for sure during the remainder of the year and next year, where we will be able to observe if all the predictions that seem to be hidden in this hieroglyph of the 21st century are fulfilled.(The World in 2018)

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