The Dover Demon: Terrifying Humanoid Creature That Terrorised Dover In 1977

Four teenagers in the Idyllic town of Dover in Mass spotted a terrifying demon similar to an alien. These sightings were made over the course of two days in April 1977. However, before getting any conclusive evidence the Dover Demon disappeared into the thin air.

Dover Demon
Visual Representation Of Dover Demon

Nearly twenty miles southwest of Boston, Mass there was a scenic hamlet named Dover. Dover Demon took cover there between the dense forest. The demon looked like an abnormal monkey with a watermelon-shaped head. In the span of a few hours, four teenagers spotted the Dover Demon but they were unable to collect any conclusive evidence. Now the question arose was the Dover Demon real?

The first person to spot the Dover Demon was a 17-year-old boy named William Bartlett. He spotted the demon while he was driving through his local farm street past 10 p.m. He was also accompanied by his two friends Mike Mazzocco and Andy Brodie. They spotted the demon standing on the wall, the demon’s eyes were glowing as they reflected the car’s headlight. The demon did not appear to be a normal domestic animal like a cat or dog rather it had no tail and its head was egg-shaped. As they further observed the Dover Demon it appeared more like a human than an animal. Bartlett stated that demon was similar to children with swollen stomachs but without mouth, ears, or nose.

Within the two hours after the first sighting was made another 15-year-old boy named John Baxter encountered the demon. While he was walking towards his girlfriend’s home near a heavily wooded area he spotted the Dover Demon just 15 feet away. Baxter mentioned that the demon had large eyes, tendril-like hands and was standing next to a tree. He also made a black and white sketch of the Dover Demon.

Sketch Of The Dover Demon
Sketch Of Dover Demon Made By Baxter

Another sighting was made on the next night on April 22 by a 15-year-old girl named Abby Brabham. During midnight she saw the Dover Demon standing upright next to a tree and appeared the same as it was mentioned in earlier sightings.

The location of sightings was found to be in a straight line over two miles and all the sightings were made near water.

That incident made Bartlett horrified and was traumatizing for her even after a few years. She said “In a lot of ways it’s kind of embarrassing to me. I definitely saw something. It was definitely weird. I didn’t make it up. Sometimes I wish I had.”

Plausible Clarification For The Sightings Of Dover Demon

All the witnesses had the same explanation on the description of the Dover Demon that they have witnessed something that is like a human. It was sure that something mysterious had come to Dover.

While many claimed that the encounters were made under the influence of alcohol. Also, Bartlett revealed that he along with his friends was searching for a beer though they never drank.

Also, experts think that Dover Demon could be some sort of animal like a baby moose or foals. But by the month of April moose move out from Dover and move to their next location. Also, moose are neither able to stand on their hind legs nor sit on the top of walls.

“This definitely wasn’t a fox or animal. It was some kind of creature with long thin fingers. The thing was more human-like in its form than animal… I’ve always tried to guess what it was. I never had any idea. I wasn’t trying to be funny. People who know me know I didn’t make this up.”

William Bartlett

A reputed cryptozoologist named Loren Coleman believed that all the sightings were true. He interrogated the teens within a week of the incident and reported that sightings could be credible.“We have a credible case, over 25 hours, by individuals who saw something” said Coleman.

Loren Coleman explained that the Dover Demon doesn’t resemble any mysterious sightings reported before, such as those of the chupacabras, Sasquatch, Roswell aliens, or the bat-eared goblins from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1955.

Strangely such mysterious sightings were normal in Dover. For many centuries this part of Massachusetts was a hotspot for such strange incidents.

Weird Sightings In Dover

Loren Coleman told that the place where Dover Demon was famous for such strange activities.

“In the same area, you had three major legends going on, including a sighting of the devil on horseback in the 1600s, stories of buried treasure, and then the Dover Demon. “I think it certainly says something,” Coleman continued, “It’s almost as if there are certain areas that ‘collect’ sightings, almost in a magnetic way.”

Loren Coleman

Fiver years before the Dover Demon was spotted i.e. in 1972 a man named Mark Sennot claimed to spot an enigmatic creature in the woods.

“We saw a small figure, deep in the woods, moving at the edge of the pond. We could see it moving in the headlights. We didn’t know.”

Mark SEnnot

Despite not getting any conclusive evidences the Dover Demon gained great attention around the world. Far away in Japan, the video games used Dover Demon figures.

The tale of Dover Demon is enough to ruin someone’s night and reminds the people to drive at their own risk through the Farm Street southwest of Dover.

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