Elon Musk sends a tweet using his universal Starlink satellite Internet network

“Sending this tweet through space via a Starlink satellite,” was the message published just an hour ago by the eccentric billionaire, who intends to create a global Internet that works on any side of the planet’s surface.

Elon Musk has a dream: to be buried on Mars. And to achieve this goal, he wants humans to colonize the red planet before. And that we do it with the SpaceX rockets and spacecraft, its own space company.

To make this impressive dream a lot of money is necessary. And Elon wants to raise it in two ways: one, selling electric cars with his electric car brand Tesla; and two, with Starlink satellite.

Starlink is a project that aims to bring high-speed Internet to all corners of the world. And not through a network of antennas, but through satellites. Specifically 30,000 suborbital objects that will cause coverage across the planet.

Starlink satellite

Musk intends to implement a fast and economical Internet for everyone through Starlink satellite network.

Who could use Starlink? When we talk about the Internet via satellite we usually talk about people in rural or remote areas where neither fiber nor mobile networks arrive. But Elon Musk is much more ambitious and hopes that everyone can use his network.

According to The Wall Street Journal, he wants to have 40 million subscribers around the globe by 2025. That is, from 0 to 40 million in just 7 years. An extremely ambitious project.

And start making it happen the entrepreneur born in South Africa has requested permission to launch 30,000 satellites in the coming years. To this impressive figure, we must add the 4,425 satellites that had already requested permission and the 7,518 satellites that it requested later. That is, today SpaceX has a permit to deploy and operate 11,943 satellites in the low Earth orbit. And if we add the 30,000 you just ordered, we would have almost 42,000 satellites.

At the moment, SpaceX has only launched 60 satellites that are currently in the testing phase, offering Internet connectivity. They have been launched in recent months with Elon Musk Falcon 9 rockets, and are 550 kilometers high and approximately 90 kilometers apart.

How is the Internet offered by these satellites? According to the documents of the original Elon Musk project, the Internet would have a download and upload speed of about 20 GB, that is, it would be lower than the figures offered by 5G technology and fiber optics. Of course, you could use the Internet from an airplane, on a ship at sea or in the depths of the jungle, something that neither 5G nor fiber optics offer. And incidentally, there would be no roaming charge: whoever paid the monthly fee would have access to the Internet throughout the planet (as long as it is not underground, of course).

Source: Twitter. Edition: Yahoo! Finance

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