The Death Of Erin Valenti: Tech Company CEO Died After Discovering That We Live In Matrix

It could well be called the mother of all conspiracy theories or the most controversial of all pseudoscientific ideas. But the truth is that there are many prestigious philosophers, well-known physicists, and technology experts who consider the possibility that we and our world may not be real, but only part of a type of videogame, an enormously sophisticated simulation: Second Life or Los Sims of the future.

The theory has been treated by science fiction. One of the most popular examples is the film saga of the Wachowski sisters, Matrix, in which intelligent machines keep humans immersed in a simulation of reality. But for centuries, the question of whether reality is really as we experience it has captivated philosophers. Already in the fourth century BC, the Chinese skeptical thinker Zhuang Zhou dreamed that it was a butterfly, and when he woke up he could not help wondering: Had it been a butterfly in the past, or was it a butterfly dreaming that it was Zhou?

In the modern era, the simulation hypothesis is attributed to the Swedish philosopher of the University of Oxford (United Kingdom)  Nick Bostrom, author of a 2003 work that has generated an endless debate. Under the title “Are you living in a computer simulation?” Bostrom said that at least one of the following propositions was true: either human beings will die out before they reach a post-human stage or post-human civilization will be interested in building simulations of their ancestors or living in a computer simulation. But it seems that there are some who have discovered the truth.

The Mysterious Death Of Erin Valenti

Erin Valenti’s family had the worst news on October 5, when police informed them that they had found her body in Almaden, a residential neighborhood south of San Jose, California, USA. Valenti, a 33-year-old technology businesswoman, disappeared under mysterious circumstances, just after a series of baffling phone calls.

Erin Valenti disappeared on Monday, September 30 at night after leaving a Palo Alto course to take a flight home from San Jose International Airport. The San José Police Department reported finding a lifeless body inside a vehicle parked in the 6500 block of Bose Lane, just half a kilometer from Valenti’s last known location. Records show that the San Jose Fire Department responded to a health call at 3:56 p.m. local time near block 6582 of Bose Lane.

Erin Valenti

On Saturday, relatives were looking for Valenti, who, they said, made a series of strange phone calls saying that “everything is a game, a mental experiment, and that we are in the Matrix. ” And the most surprising of all is that her husband said she did not suffer from any mental illness. The young woman did not use her phone or credit cards since Monday, October 5.

Her mother, Whitey Valenti, described her daughter as an intense and bright young woman who graduated with the highest degree at Georgetown University with a degree in business administration before entering the world of private companies.  Erin Valenti was the founder and executive director of Tinker Ventures, an application design and development company, where she managed a global team of 120 employees at its Salt Lake City and Pakistan offices. 

Before founding Tinker, she was Director of Product Development at, where she supervised a team of 250 engineers. Valenti, who lived in Salt Lake City with her husband, was also an excellent climber and skier.

Nothing seemed to portend the tragic end until she called her parents around 3:30 p.m. local time on Monday, October 5 after she met with a former colleague on Sand Hill Road and said she couldn’t find her rental car. Once she found the vehicle, she stayed on the phone with her parents, and that was when the conversation became strange. Valenti lost her flight on Monday and was unable to attend a ceremony on Tuesday in Utah, where she had to receive a “women in technology” award.

“We talked to her for hours, Monday night,” said Valenti’s mother. “she spoke fast. she said she would return home for Thanksgiving, and then said she was in Matrix. ”

During their trip to California, the week of October 1, Valenti and her husband Weinstein talked every night and everything seemed fine. She stayed at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Laguna Beach to participate in a business management workshop called “Create the powerful”, and on Thursday flew to San Jose and rented a Nissan. she led a technology conference in Monterey on weekends before returning last weekend to the San Francisco Bay Area to speak with old friends and colleagues. Valenti’s husband, a psychologist, said his wife left the Nest hotel in Palo Alto on Monday afternoon.

“There has never been a history of something like this, no mental health diagnosis, no hospitalization, no substance use, no arrests, as clear as possible from a search,” said Weinstein. “This is incredibly different from her, she was a very successful person.”

Controversial Research By Erin Valenti

And, as if that were not enough, the disappearance of Erin Valenti, the CEO of the technology company has not been without controversy.  Erin Valenti‘s father, Joseph Valenti, called the police investigation into his daughter’s death a “farce. ” He told the American newspaper The Mercury News that the police did not submit a missing person report until Thursday, days after the family reported her disappearance, and that the authorities described it as voluntarily missing. Joseph said the police department did not prioritize his daughter’s search.

“I am totally frustrated and angry at the way the case was handled,” said Joseph

Interestingly, Valenti is the second death of a technology CEO this month in the San Francisco Bay Area. The lifeless body of Tushar Arte, 50, the CEO of a web design company called AtreNet, was found in Santa Cruz on October 1, according to police. In a Facebook post, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office said Atre was found dead next to his vehicle hours after being kidnapped from his home during an alleged robbery.

Everything seems to indicate that Erin Valenti discovered something that nobody had to know. Very possibly she found evidence that we are all part of advanced simulation and our lives are theft of perverse minds that play with us. But one thing is to know and another is to have evidence that Matrix is ​​real.

What do you think of Erin Valenti‘s death? Did she discover the truth about our reality?

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  1. What a bunch fools complaining about the grammar, instead of the theory behind her death.
    What seems interesting her Facebook profile listed her as single and interested in men. Then suddenly she had a husband with a different last name. Not one single picture of them together. Who was she really seeing in Palo Alto?

    1. I agree, it’s a blog post, not supposed to be critiqued for its writing mistakes. I found the content compelling, but discussing it with people more interested in grammar would be futile.

  2. Traduzido via Google: That our world is a simulation is enough just to free the mind and analyze the reasons for everything we know, we do not even need much effort to realize that this is not what it seems. Our world on earth is just a simulated universe within the multiverse! Most likely we are all earthly or extraterrestrial, extraphysical, extradimensional, animal manifestations or not. Originally we are quantum consciousnesses (spirits as some call it) energetically connected to “simulated bodies in a simulated physical universe” for fulfillment of evolutionary missions (enhancement), social and technological experiences, or to atone for karma (redemption) for acts committed, here “now” only 7 billion on this “matrix” of the Earth had been countless and unimaginable amounts of consciousness for other energetic vibrational worlds and states of the universes. Who is “smart” or “awake” consciously, not bound to the material world, has already killed the charade, the death of a physical body here or our own dreams are just the detachment / disconnection of “we consciousness” stuck in the simulation of this universe. specific that creates an illusion of physical life as we know it… For a quantum observer the big bang that gave birth to our immeasurable universe and ended in a big crunch as soon as it came, was just a flash! Yet all of us within the simulation are mentally imprisoned in a “billions of years time illusion.” True quantum consciousness life is infinitely wider than the limited veiled fraction of illusion we live here in this simulation. Where consciousness is detached from the body is what it craves and vibrates energetically / sentimentally within the quantum soup… Consciousness that has affinities with each other after leaving the simulation can meet in the quantum in different manifested forms and also come back together to simulations as Here can come husband and wife, parents and children, relatives, friends, manifested in bodies of different features and sexes and so on. Life in these simulated worlds such as ours is precisely one of the purposes of forcing the wider awakening of “us consciousnesses” so that we are ever more lucid in the quantum world, the world of possibilities according to what the mind thinks. And as we are disconnected from a simulated world that serves us as a “vibrational anchor,” let us not be wandering or enslaved in the dimensional thresholds of fear, sadness, hatred, lust, greed, confusion, hallucinations, and so on. love and respect all beings, believe in existence out of here, fulfill your missions here without taking your own life from the given body and others of sentient beings to a greater or lesser degree for banalities. This is the only way to be truly free, awake. , conscious and eternally happy, the only means of attaining nirvana, the paradise of consciousness preached in many religions.

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