A video shows the terrifying moment when a Nazi ventriloquist flickers and moves his mouth on his own

As children, we found it fun to play with dolls, they were fun companions during our free time. However, as we get older, these toys that were once loved became forgotten. 
Not to mention that empty eyes and frozen smiles are quite scary. But what happens when an old doll(Nazi ventriloquist flickers) start to move on their own?

Around the world, there are haunted dolls known for bringing misfortune to anyone who has the bad luck of coming into contact with them. 
Some, like Annabelle or the Robert doll, have even claimed some victims. 

Although there are others less known, but equally chilling. This is the case of a World War II ventriloquist that flickers and moves its mouth inside a showcase.

The Fritz doll

Michael Diamond is a collector of some of the rarest items in the United Kingdom. Diamond has oddities such as the boy with an elephant head from the Brading Wax Museum and several shrunken heads on display in the “Hall of Monsters. ” But hidden in a corner, covered with a blanket, there is a showcase with heavy chains. 
It contains a haunted ventriloquist doll named Mr. Fritz, who, according to Diamond, was recorded blinking and moving his mouth.

“On the next night, you can see the eyes move before the door opens and then again,” Diamond said. “The eyes blink and his mouth moves slightly up and down.”

The doll has had trouble finding a house since 1945, but the British collector says he will keep it, specifically placing it in the “Abnormal Room
” The doll was created by an American prisoner in Stalag II-B, a Nazi World War II camp in the city of Czarne, Poland. 
Apparently the owner was a ventriloquist before the Nazis seized him. After the war, Fritz traveled to America and was in an antique store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

 He finally arrived in the United Kingdom when another collector handed it to him last July.

Similar to the terrifying “Annabelle,” Fritz starred in a disturbing video for two nights on September 19 and 20. 
When Diamond saw the images, he was surprised to see that the doll’s mouth and eyes moved. And if it wasn’t scary enough, the showcase opens on its own.

Diamond, 48, who is married to Sally, 46, and has two children, Amber, 19, and Caleb, 11, said he felt a strange sensation when he saw the video. 
He revealed that he decided to put a camera in front of the doll because he realized that the door of the showcase was closed

“When I saw the video for the first time, I had a strange feeling in my stomach,” the collector continued. “I was not completely surprised by what has been happening with the door. At least once or twice a week, I noticed that the door was constantly closing. I decided to install the camera for fun just to see if something happened. When it happened, I had a strange sensation in my stomach, it is difficult to describe. It really terrified me and I had a strange feeling. I would not say that I am afraid of Mr. Fritz, but I distrust him. ”

ventriloquo doll - A video shows the terrifying moment when a Nazi ventriloquist doll flickers and moves his mouth on his own

He also explained that his wife and children hate him, but insisted that he wants to ” give her a permanent home . ” Diamond stated that he is emotionally attached to his strange objects. However, to prevent supernatural episodes from happening again, he covered it with a blanket and chained it to the showcase.(Nazi ventriloquist flickers)

“My wife and daughter hate him. I understand why people don’t like it and I think it can be scary, but it doesn’t intimidate me. I want to give you a permanent home. I emotionally stick to my collections. What is the explanation is the million-dollar question, right? I have no idea of ​​myself. I don’t even know where to start. There are no open windows in the room or airflow. The door is closed, so it should not open. I’ve told Sally and Amber and they don’t like anything. To prevent it from happening, I chained the box and covered it with a blanket, ” Diamond concluded.

If we rule out that everything is part of a montage, the truth is that it is a really scary video. And we also know that there are many more haunted dolls than we think, apart from Annabelle or the Robert doll. It could be that the spirit of the prisoner of World War II continues to be very present within his creation and does not want to abandon him. The best thing in these cases is just to do what Diamond has done, lock it inside a showcase with chains and cover it with a blanket. And we hope that everything stays there, in just a curious paranormal activity.

What do you think of the Fritz doll? Do you think it is haunted? Or is it a hoax?

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