The Most Striking Evidence That Dismantles Theory of the “Flat Earth”

Anyone would say that there is enough evidence that the Earth is spherical. However, and against all logic, there are more people who assert that our planet is flat. If you ever encounter one of them, you can use this argument. If you do not convince her, there is nothing to do.(Evidence That Dismantles Theory of the “Flat Earth” )

Evidence That Dismantles Theory of the "Flat Earth"


How could it be that, at the same moment, different stars can be seen in the sky of Madrid and in the sky of Buenos Aires?

The explanation for that is precisely that the Earth is spherical. The stars visible in the sky are not the same because the perspective of the observer varies. If the Earth were flat, we would always see the same stars, no matter if we were in the northern or southern hemisphere. Okay, but maybe your interlocutor is reluctant to believe this because he has never been anywhere else on the globe, and even less has he done so by going out at night to look at the stars. In that case we have one last card to play. The rotation of the stars.(Evidence That Dismantles Theory of the “Flat Earth” )

The video above is a timelapse taken for hours from the Mojave Desert. What is seen in the sky forming a kind of stelae are the stars when moving. The rotation of these stars rotates clockwise in the southern hemisphere, and vice versa in the northern hemisphere. The reason is that it is not the stars that rotate, but the point of view of the spectator, which is on a sphere that rotates on itself.(Evidence That Dismantles Theory of the “Flat Earth” )

No terraplanist theory is able to explain this from the perspective of a dome on the supposed Earth disk unless they resort to sorcery or extraterrestrials by projecting holograms. If they do and we just have to make a discreet mutis by the forum and leave them with their theories. They have chosen not to take into consideration anything that might make them change their minds.

The Flat Earth: Why are there People who believe this Theory?

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    1. The Globe is a Psyop When have you ever seen curvature anywhere? The longest distance photography record is well over 200 miles. that is impossible on a ball. Also you were fed all the facts as a child. Stop being lazy and research the real Flat Earth Theory and not your personal opinion slave.

  1. Research: “strawman argument”
    Quite easy to prove its called convergence. It is impossible to see 180 degrees of sky. With the Flat Earth model the farther south you walk you will see more sky. In our model the stars are not as far away as NASA or any other agency says. Research the real Flat Earth evidence instead of making up your own version of Flat Earth to debunk. Foolish pride.

    1. This has been going on for at least 4 – 5 years now. Either the “flat earth” narrative is the predecessor of the “COVID19” pandemic psyop narrative, run by COINTELPRO, PROJECT MONARCH and PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD as a “trial run” after great success with the 911 PSYOP; or it is true. As with 911 and Covid, we cannot easily prove the existence of a “flat earth” and, this has now (coincidentally and “unexpectedly”) become that much harder to prove with “pandemic-related” shuttering of commercial flights. Strange, that! The video of the sky showing the stars rotating sure looks like the stars are rotating around the Earth; but it’s difficult to explain why there would be counterrotating stars without there existing two separate apposite hemispheres on a globe. But i would hasten to add, that the video of the night stars do not, in fact, show two counterrotating hemispheres of stars, now, do they? Luciferian Satanists also known as the “Synagogue of Satan” control the world, its governments, banks, news media, and all resources. The Covid19 pysop, planned for decades by these goats, is just the latest in a very long line of narratives designed, as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion document in detail, to implement international martial law and Communitarianism across the world, and to bring all wealth, property, and resources (including labor) under their totalitarian rule, so they can offer the world to their lord, the antichrist, when he eventually begins to rule from their false jew home, Jerusalem.

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