Extraterrestrial mummy found in Peru, substantially belongs to reptilian type

Reporters who participated in the study of mummies found in Peru alien report further details that a few days ago, scientists have identified (Extraterrestrial mummy found in Peru)

Extraterrestrial mummy found in Peru

As one of the Peruvian doctors who conducted the X-ray scan of the mummy, it is – a superhuman being, likely alien reptilian type. This is well illustrated, for example, the following facts: the presence of a kind of rib structure, and the presence in the cavity of eggs mummified bodies. It attracts attention and a lot of implants in the body of an alien. Carbon analysis of official scientific representative from the University of Kusko Terri Jamini showed that this mummy more than a thousand years …(Extraterrestrial mummy found in Peru)

The official statement of the scientist with an academic education that we face the mummy alien and is – a humanoid, reptile, and the statement made before a video camera and in the presence of many journalists, as well as other equally reputable scientists (anthropologists, biologists, archaeologists), says that we live in interesting times – transitional period. We are most likely on the verge of a grand transformation of the world, where many secrets of the past are gradually beginning to open up, which gives hope for further development and improvement of man and of humanity as a whole.

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