Horrified mother discovering a ghost baby in the crib with her 18-month old son

If you have ever had a strange feeling that someone is watching you, even though you are alone, it could be more than imagination. Signs that a spirit or ghost is nearby include sudden changes in temperature, strange odors, or moving objects on their own. These entities can also be presented through dreams . So, do ghosts really exist?(ghost baby in the crib)

That is something we can not answer. It all depends on what you believe. After all, it is a matter of faith. Those who have never had experiences with ghost are prone to have a closed mind, being skeptical. While those who have had such experiences ensure that they exist. And this has been the case of a mother who claims to have seen the ghost of a baby in the next to her 18-month-old son.(ghost baby in the crib)

Supernatural Entities

Laura Haigh and her partner Dean Evans installed a camera in their son’s room after he tried to get out of his crib. But when Laura, 39, a mother of four, checked the images recorded last night, she was horrified to see the ghost of a baby sleeping next to her little son . Laura also said that in other images a strange figure appears, checking things in the room of its son Sebastian Evans in the house located in Plymouth, Devon, England.

ghost baby in the crib


Dean, a 42-year-old ship builder, after seeing the mysterious silhouette together his son quickly climbed upstairs hoping to find a plush bear in the crib, but found Sebastian sleeping alone.(ghost baby in the crib)

“When I realized the presence of this face in the corner of her bed I called my sister through Skype, but did not see anything ,” Laura told the British tabloid Daily Mirror . “Sometimes he brings a teddy to bed with him so at first I thought it might be that, but it looked strange. Dean told me the same, it was just a stuffed animal and went straight up. However, he was stunned to see that there was nothing there, but the face was still appearing on the monitor. He was a bit scared since he did not believe in that sort of thing and he just can not explain it. This has opened his mind a little, but he does not like to talk about it much. I checked the camera and it works correctly. Friends think it’s really creepy. Whatever it was he stayed in bed until 1:30 at night and disappeared when he was going to feed him. But during the night things moved. “

Surprisingly Laura is not scared since she believes that if the ghost had bad intentions Sebastian would have cried . In addition, he added that he has seen his son greeting things that are not seen in the room. However, this is not the family’s first paranormal experience. In fact, Laura claims to have heard noises in the house and see pictures on the wall upside down.(ghost baby in the crib)

“Sebastian is very good,” added Laura. “I think he can see it. Sebastian sleeps well every night and even seemed to embrace whatever. If you are not afraid, then that is good. If it were negative it would bother you. It is also true that we have had some kind of paranormal activity in the house, but if there is a presence it is not bad. We have found pictures upside down and objects that have fallen by themselves. There have been things that have disappeared when they were there just moments before. We see almost always orbs and mysterious shadows in the photos. Sometimes we hear children running upstairs when there is no one or even when the children are not yet home. I heard my name scream, when there was no one else at home. However, this is undoubtedly the clearest evidence we have seen so far. “

ghost baby in the crib


Both Laura and her partner Dean should be really worried. They need to know that protective agencies never frighten people , they usually send their help through positive feelings or visions. While the spirits and ghosts begin their appearances with simple movements of objects or in the photos, to end up being a nightmare for the members of the family.

What do you think about the images? Do you think this is a real ghost?

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  1. As i can see this is a great post maybe its real. I believe in ghost but its not look like real. Technology is too advance as we know most people create ghost like this but that not means its real.
    Well my name is Riyaz And i provide Facebook auto likes and i know many prople hire me to viral think like this. Most of them are fake but who knows..

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