Extraterrestrials in Antarctica: the continent forbidden to humans

When you look at the snowy majesty of a mountain, the eternal ice of Antarctica is evoked, this is a place of deep mysteries.(Extraterrestrials in Antarctica)

Extraterrestrials in Antarctica

It is said that there are pyramids, great entrances in the recesses of its summits, the discovery of ooparts and extraterrestrial ships that once clashed there.

All this was seen in the photographs of Google Earth, and now, censored by a white circle, to the looks of those who want to find out their secrets. But also, what is hidden, behind the walls of ice, there may be the strangest landscapes.

Thus, the Antarctic continent has an almost circular shape, from which the Antarctic Peninsula stands out in a south-north direction. With an area of ​​around 14 million km2; of this, less than 1% is free of ice. It is the coldest, driest and windiest continent.

This is the format that you will find in the official pages dealing with Antarctica, since the end of World War II. And even when it is a desolate desert of ice, somewhere, there are hidden angels that do not correspond to the icy nature of the South Pole.(Extraterrestrials in Antarctica)

Thus, few photographs of the eternal ice of Antarctica are taught. Almost nobody can go, if you do not belong to a select group of 20 countries, headed by the United States and Russia. As is known, these nations send their respective bases, scientists, meteorologists, and military.

But behind all this, one of the great secrets of Antarctica is in its central zone, there are supposedly large ice-free territories.

If you wanted to know what happens there, you would have to travel the eternal ice of the periphery, and for that, you would need to have the necessary means. A helicopter would not be much help when your flight is not so long and you need to refuel with some frequency, so imagine the amount of money needed to go to this place.(Extraterrestrials in Antarctica)

Thus, the treaties of Antarctica have been faithfully fulfilled. That’s why you or anyone can not go, in any way, to this place. By leaks of the informant, it is allowed to really know what is hidden there.

The permanent bases of these twenty countries help protect these new lands, so we know of a strange expansion into other spaces of this great territory.(Extraterrestrials in Antarctica)

Beyond the frozen horizon of Antarctica, these new lands may be occupied by civilizations that are not of this world. And, still, do not know how long they have been there

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