Fake Flag Attacks: Do You Really Believe What TV Tells You?

The video we are talking about in this article was recorded on October 30, 2016, and came to light on November 1 of the same year 2016. Thanks to a security camera placed in an Iraqi neighborhood of Baghdad, it can be discovered and demonstrated To the world the great farces that are made in these wars of the Middle East, realizing terrorist attacks with previously hired actors.(Fake Flag Attacks)

Fake Flag Attacks

In the following video we can see how an individual puts a bomb in a car parked on a street, then hop on a vehicle waiting for him a few meters, after a few seconds the car explodes and immediately dozens of people appear running to the ground doing The wounded and dead, immediately appearing the “Rescue Teams” and reporters to “the same as in Syria”, for a few hours to be broadcast as authentic in our homes. But what is the purpose of these false flag attacks, and who performs them?(Fake Flag Attacks)

In Iraq these attacks are being carried out to rekindle the hatreds between Sunitas and Chitas (Divide and Vencerás), since during this war against the Daesh’s terrorism the Chitas and Sunitas of the country came to be friends, something that many countries do not want to happen anymore That their interest in a permanent war in Iraq until they put a puppet that they can lead with ease.

It is such a despair that Iraq collapses that the media we all see, talk about the slaughter between (Chitas and Sunitas), what has been in Christian (Catholics or Evangelists) to understand better.

But do not believe this happens in Iraq, Syria has been doing this for years .. What is your opinion? Leave us your Comment!

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