Picatrix: An ancient Manuscript that teaches how to obtain the Energy of the Universe

The Book of Picatrix (Liber Picatrix) is a medieval Spanish grimorio written during the reign of Alfonso X of Castile, who in 1256 ordered to translate to Castilian this forbidden Arab book: The objective of the sage (Gāyat al-hakīm), basically a Talismanic magic composed two hundred years earlier.


The original Spanish translation was lost forever, although the Latin translation, known as Liber Picatrix, spread with remarkable success from the fifteenth century.

Picatrix synthesizes some magical and astrological practices of antiquity, mainly related to talismans of power. In general, the Picatrix is ​​one of the indispensable works of the hermetic and esoteric body designed during the Renaissance, according to the portal  Ancient Code .

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The Picatrix is ​​divided into four books which dispense with any system or order to expose their knowledge, assuming that the initiate in the mysteries of magic already knows its main foundations, in this case, Hellenistic, that is to say, based on the myths Greeks.

PicatrixWe can see this book as a work that seeks to break the idea of ​​a unity of reality to divide it into symmetrical planes or spheres, in other words: parallel universes and different levels of the astral plane.

Apparently, the author of the Picatrix was the Andalusian mathematician and polygraphist Maslama ibn Ahmad al-Majriti, who based his research on the work of the Alkimist Al-Jildaki. Others argue that it was the stalked astronomer Abu l-Qasim Maslama, a magician specializing in the art of making magical talismans.

One of the most interesting features of the manuscript stands out as one of the earliest medieval grimoires in betting on an experimental method of investigation.

“This Art is called Magic, it is not easy to understand. Magic is a divine force . Liber Picatrix

PDF Manuscript

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  1. Thank you for your research and site. The truth as they say is out there. I’ve had extensive visitations from other beings since I was a child. I’m now 68, retired with a PhD in my field.
    Continue your work.
    Dr Sunni

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