FBI confirms the report of long and cylindrical UFO spotted by pilots over New Mexico

A few days ago we informed you about the incident that took place between American Airlines Flight 2292 and a cylindrical UFO over the skies of northeastern New Mexico. Now the FBI has confirmed the incident, while the more mundane possibilities seem to have been ruled out. Was it a ship of extraterrestrial origin?

FBI confirms the report of long and cylindrical UFO spotted by pilots over New Mexico

As reported by Popular Mechanics , after the official confirmation of the sighting by American Airlines and the US Federal Aviation Administration, it remained for the other entity informed about the incident, the FBI, to rule.

When TMZ approached the FBI, spokesman Frank Fisher said the Bureau “The Bureau is aware of the reported incident. And while it is our policy to neither confirm nor deny investigations, the FBI continually works with our federal, state, local and tribal partners to share intelligence and protect the public, ”said spokesman Frank Fisher in a terse response but noting that the The case has reached the highest levels of investigation.

For its part, previously the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also issued a brief statement confirming the encounter: “A pilot reported seeing an object over New Mexico shortly after noon local time on Sunday, February 21, 2021. FAA air traffic did not see any objects in the area on their radars.

And apparently, the pilots agree that the cylindrical UFO sighting is something at least strange. In a dedicated Reddit thread, user Can_Not_Double_Dutch, who claims to be an airline pilot, provides information that raises additional questions about this close encounter in mid-air:

«Airline pilot here: Between 28,000 and 40,000 feet altitude (FL280-FL400), the aircraft are in RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) airspace, which means that crossing traffic can be more or less 1,000 feet from you. This airspace is highly controlled. And if another aircraft is transmitting your transponder code, then you can see that aircraft on your TCAS (traffic collision system). For ATC controllers and pilots not being able to see this UFO in any of their systems is very strange. And pilots never want to be the ones to say “UFO” on the radio.

Even if they were allowed to fly through military airspace, ATC controllers would say that military airspace is ‘cold’. If missiles are being tested, a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) would be issued and airspace would be closed.

“Then I would say that something was up there and was going through the airlines.”

Even if this sighting remains in what we know so far – which is likely if it was indeed a ship from another world – 2021 promises to be a significant year for the advancement of the disclosure of the truth behind UFOs.

Last August, the Department of Defense (DoD) officially approved the establishment of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF). The task force will investigate sightings of UAPs – official euphemism for UFOs.

When former President Donald Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Disaster Financial Mitigation Bill in December 2020, he attached a provision that gives the Pentagon and spy agencies 180 days to say what they know about UFOs, which means that the UAPTF must report its findings to Congress before June 25, 2021. What will be revealed?

Source: Popular Mechanics .

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