The Mysterious Death Of Frank Olson, Who Jumped From The 13th Floor After Experimenting With Mind Control

The Mysterious Death Of Frank Olson, Who Jumped From The 13th Floor After Experimenting With Mind Control

The death of Frank Olson is on the list of some of the most mysterious and dark conspiracy cases in the United States. 
What happened to him is still actively debated by both historians and supporters of conspiracy theories.

The Mysterious Death Of Frank Olson, Who Jumped From The 13th Floor After Experimenting With Mind Control

At approximately 2 a.m. on November 28, 1953, rare passers-by wandering along 7 Avenue in Manhattan, New York were shocked to see a human body falling from somewhere above, hitting the sidewalk with a loud thump.

Fortunately, the person who fell did not hit any of the passers-by during the fall. 
People surrounded the bloody body, which for some time was still a living person, and began to call the police and discuss what could have happened and from which floor this unfortunate man fell.

Police soon found out that the man had fallen out of the 13th-floor window of hotel room 1018A at the Statler Hotel. 
Two men stayed in this room the day before – 43-year-old  Frank Olson and Robert Lashbrook. 
When the police broke into the room, they saw Lashbrook huddled in the toilet.
He said that he wanted to go to the toilet, but did not have time to sit down, when suddenly his friend Frank Olson jumped out of his bed, ran across the room, and jumped out through the window, breaking his own body.

Lashbrook insisted that he did not understand what could have prompted his friend to commit such an act, and nothing unusual was found in the hotel room that could suggest a violent cause of death, so the police soon blamed everything on suicide.

The Mysterious Death Of Frank Olson, Who Jumped From The 13th Floor After Experimenting With Mind Control

However, when one of the investigators delved into the biography of Olson, he suddenly found out that he was a specialist in bacteria and had worked with the military for many years in the development of bacteriological weapons. 

In the 1950s, Frank Olson was one of the most important scientists in the Special Operations Division at the Fort Detrick military base in Frederick, Maryland. 
One of his main responsibilities was to investigate the use of psychoactive drugs at the US Army Biological Warfare Laboratories (USBWL). 

One of the more intriguing projects in which he has been involved since 1952 was called Project Artichoke. 
It was a CIA operation to investigate interrogation and mind control techniques, and the possibility that someone could be forced to kill the right person. 

“Persuasion” was carried out through means such as hypnosis and psychoactive, mind-altering drugs such as LSD. 
This project was the forerunner of a later military mind control operation called MK Ultra. 

The Mysterious Death Of Frank Olson, Who Jumped From The 13th Floor After Experimenting With Mind Control

Based on all this information, Olson’s strange and sudden suicide looked especially suspicious and reasonable doubts arose that it was a common suicide.

The investigation found out that shortly before his death, Olson went to rest in a hunting lodge on Lake Dickp Creek, but returned from there unusually gloomy and gloomy. 
As if something bad happened to him there. Olson’s family told about this, and when they began to question them further, eerie details emerged.

It turns out Olson said that he and nine other scientists working on Project Artichoke were specially summoned to this remote house. 
None of them knew why they were called and what they would be told there. 
They were greeted by several people from the CIA, including the head of the CIA’s technical service, Sidney Gottlieb, the CIA’s chief poison and narcotics specialist, and also one of those responsible for the creation of MK Ultra.

There was also Dr. Robert Lashbrook, the same one who had stayed with Olson in the hotel room. 
He was Gottlieb’s assistant. Next, Gottlieb and Lashbrook persuaded the scientists to drink drinks, which, Olson suspected, were mixed with some narcotic substance. 
Olson believed that he and others had been given something like LSD or some other psychoactive agent.

“My father was a research scientist who was involved in bacteriological warfare and was associated with the SO unit that stood for special operations. It was the most top-secret research that was conducted at Fort Detrick, and some of this research was carried out in coordination with the CIA. “

Nils Olson, Frank Olson’s son

“On the weekend after this meeting, my father was severely depressed. He felt that he had done something terribly wrong. And he told my mother that he had done something wrong, but he could not tell her what, for fear of violating security protocol. “

Nils Olson, Frank Olson’s son
The Mysterious Death Of Frank Olson, Who Jumped From The 13th Floor After Experimenting With Mind Control
Frank Olson with his wife and children

Further, the behavior of Frank Olson became more and more unstable, he nevertheless told his wife from the meeting of scientists and how they were forced to drink a narcotic drug. 
Then Olson tried to call someone of his acquaintances or friends, becoming more and more nervous and repeating phrases like “I made a terrible mistake!” and “They are afraid that I might hurt you!”

Then Olson left home for a week to “get psychological help,” he said. And after that, he said that he urgently needed to go to New York. 
He said other oddities, for example, that he hears “voices in the dark”, and after checking into a hotel he began to behave extremely paranoid, throwing away his money and documents.

Further, it turned out that after falling from the window, Olson was not only alive for some time, but still conscious and even tried to say something. 
This was stated by the hotel manager Armond Pastore, who rushed out into the street when he heard the agitated voices of passers-by.

“I saw Frank Olson lying with his eyes wide open, staring right at me and trying to tell me something. He definitely tried to speak, but nothing came out except mumbling. He was in a terrible state. And I backed down because now I needed to know where he fell from. I looked up at the building and finally saw a slight movement of the window shade. And when I concentrated on this, I saw that the window shade vibrates from the airflow from the open window. “

After Olson jumped out of the window, his roommate Robert Lashbrook didn’t even try to call an ambulance or call the police. 
However, he did something different. 
He called someone else and said to him, “Well, here he came out.” 
And there, on the other end of the phone, they answered “Well, this is very bad”, after which they both hung up. 

This conversation was accidentally overheard by the same manager, Armond Pastore because Lashbrook called just at the moment when Pastore returned to the hotel from the street. 
In those years, in order to call from a hotel room to a landline phone, you had to first dial the number of the hotel operator, and then tell him which number to connect to. 
And while you are talking, the operator could hear your conversation. 
Thus, Pastore received a call request from Olson and Lashbrook’s number and how the operator connected him to the addressee and then heard their entire conversation.

“You didn’t have to be a genius to understand that something was wrong here. It’s like in Hamlet, you know,“ Something rotted in the Danish kingdom. ”That night I realized what happened here in our hotel something rotten.”

The Mysterious Death Of Frank Olson, Who Jumped From The 13th Floor After Experimenting With Mind Control
Frank Olson with his wife and children

The next mystery was how exactly Olson jumped out of the window, the hotel manager saw only the curtain moving from the wind, but did not consider whether the window was really open or badly broken, and Lashbrook said that Olson broke the window with his body, and did not open it. 

At the same time, numerous cuts were initially found on Olson’s body, as if from a piece of glass or a sharp knife, as well as a wound on the head as if from a blunt object. 
But when the Olson family ordered a second autopsy, it no longer “found” any cut or blunt wounds.

Further, Pastor said that he had never heard of suicides being thrown out of the window without opening it, but breaking the glass with his body. 
Moreover, no one jumps out the window with the curtains tightly closed, such as were on the window of Olson’s and Lashbrook’s rooms.

All this looked very suspicious and the Olson family accepted the version of suicide with great skepticism. 
They made the assumption that the CIA deliberately “removed” Frank Olson, because of his work and experiments, he learned too much from what outsiders are not supposed to know.

In 1975, the CIA unexpectedly admitted that Frank Olson was indeed among those on whom the effects of drugs were tested. 
And then she paid the Olson family “insurance” in 750 thousand dollars. 
However, Frank Olson’s relatives did not receive any details of what happened.

Many theories have been put forward as to what happened to Frank Olson. 
Some think he was pushed out of this window, others think that he was somehow programmed to commit suicide through mind control experiments. 
Still, others believe he simply committed suicide, according to the official report. 

No one really knows what happened there except Robert Lashbrook, and he claims he was in the toilet when it happened. 
The Olson family generally avoids talking about mind control and thinks he was simply killed for knowing about the secret government. 

“The death of Frank Olson on November 28, 1953, was murder, not suicide. This is not the story of the LSD drug experiment as presented in 1975. This is the story of biological warfare. Frank Olson did not die because he was an experimental guinea pig, which survived a “bad trip.” He died because of fears that he would divulge information about the CIA’s highly classified interrogation program in the early 1950s, as well as the use of biological weapons by the United States in the Korean War. ” 

Frank Olson’s Son

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