A Viral Video Shows Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Abducted By UFOs

On March 8, 2014, a Malaysia Airlines plane, Flight MH370, vanished from radar during its journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200 ER, carried 239 individuals, including the crew. As of now, the fate of the flight remains a mystery, with no definitive information about its disappearance.

Was Malaysian Flight MH370 Abducted By UFOs?

At 01:19 local time, the final communication was received from the aircraft—a simple “Good night” from the captain to the passengers. A mere two minutes later, the plane was expected to enter Vietnamese airspace; however, radar data indicated an unexpected turn as it veered southwest over the Malay Peninsula and subsequently northwest.

By 2:21 a.m., the airplane vanished from radar screens, vanishing in the vicinity of the Andaman Sea. Remarkably, the Inmarsat satellite maintained signal reception for an additional six hours, indicating the plane’s continued adherence to its intended path.

Tragically, at 8:19 a.m., the satellite connection with flight MH370 was permanently lost.

A Viral Video Shows Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Abducted By UFOs

Following an exhaustive search effort, Malaysia Airlines informed the families of the passengers that the company’s assessment pointed to the plane having plunged into the Indian Ocean, leading to the unfortunate conclusion that all on board had lost their lives.

However, as the wreckage of the aircraft remained elusive (some debris was discovered, but their connection to the specific aircraft remained uncertain), a plethora of conspiracy theories emerged. These speculations sprouted like mushrooms after a rain, suggesting scenarios such as terrorist hijacking, accidental engagement by the US Air Force, or even extraterrestrial intervention.

Gaining traction among these theories, a remarkable video surfaced on May 19, 2014, purportedly captured by a satellite and circulated online through a “leak.” The video portrays a commercial airplane suddenly encircled by multiple spherical UFOs, followed by the aircraft vanishing in an instantaneous, luminous burst, resembling the act of entering a portal.

Multiple analyses of this video have been undertaken in attempts to validate its authenticity. However, these examinations have revealed that even if the video were to be deemed a fabrication, it would have to be an exceedingly sophisticated one. Meticulous observations have revealed intricate details, including the intricacies of cloud movement at high altitudes.

A Viral Video Shows Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Abducted By UFOs

Cloud motion, as experts attest, is far from a straightforward horizontal or vertical trajectory, as might be anticipated from a computer-generated 3D environment. Instead, clouds exhibit a lifelike and genuine motion pattern.

Based on information presented within the satellite footage, it appears highly probable that the video originates from the NRO L-32 satellite, launched in 2010.

Adding to this, a recent development unfolded when yet another video surfaced online. This newly shared footage also originates from a satellite source, captured from an alternative perspective and employing thermal imaging technology. This second video portrays the identical commercial aircraft accompanied by the same spherical UFOs.

The thermal-filtered video provides even clearer visuals of the UFOs as they encircle the ill-fated aircraft.

Online specialists express a strong conviction that the airplane featured in this footage is a precise match—100% identical—to the absent Boeing 777-200ER.

A Viral Video Shows Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Abducted By UFOs

Certain individuals on social media have raised questions regarding the unconventional color scheme displayed in the thermal images. However, it’s important to note that thermal imaging cameras offer customizable settings for thermal coloring. This feature is standard and can be adjusted even after the recording process.

In addition, users have unearthed information from April 23, 2014, which reports the sighting of a UFO on radar in the vicinity of the aircraft’s disappearance, shortly before it went missing. Significantly, this account was corroborated by Rodzali Daoud, the Commander-in-Chief of the Malaysian Air Force.

Another puzzling aspect revolves around phone calls made by passengers of the vanished plane to their loved ones, subsequent to the official announcement of the aircraft’s crash. Some passengers managed to connect with their families and affirmed their well-being, but attempts to return these calls proved unsuccessful. No one answered on the other end.

The fate of the Malaysian aircraft remains shrouded in mystery. Could it have been subject to extraterrestrial abduction? Alternatively, was it intentionally dismantled by an individual or group as a form of rehearsal, possibly linked to the later crash of another Malaysian airliner in the Donbass region in July of the same year, 2014?

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