The Mystery of the Pollock Twins, a case of Reincarnation documented by Scientists

Reincarnation can be defined as the process by which, when a person dies, his soul separates from the body, to, after some time, take another body to be born again on earth.(Pollock Twins)

Pollock Twins
Pollock Twins

The main premise of this phenomenon is that the soul or spirit must “travel” through different bodies, for the purpose of learning in various lives the lessons of earthly existence, until reaching maximum perfection, a form of liberation or union with A state of higher consciousness. When the soul reaches that perfection, it no longer needs to be reincarnated, forever submerging itself into the infinity of eternity.

Canadian doctor, university professor and psychiatrist Ian Stevenson, who investigated for more than 40 years about three thousand cases of children with memories about past lives, described in his book “European Cases of the Reincarnation Type” Europe “), one of the most intriguing cases on the phenomenon of reincarnation: the case of the Pollock twins.

Pollock Twins
Pollock Twins

As Stevenson reported in his book, on Sunday 5 May 1957, in the town of Whitley-Bay, United Kingdom, on the shores of the North Sea, the marriage of John and Florence Pollock left his house to go as usual. Sundays to celebrate the noon mass in the village church. They were accompanied by their two young daughters, Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock, aged 11 and 6. However, before arriving at the church, the tragedy was triggered. The girls, advancing to their parents to secure a place in the church, when turning a corner and recklessly crossing a street, found themselves in front of a vehicle that ran over them, killing them instantly.

A year after the fatal accident, and endorsing that old Christian aphorism that says “God gives, and God takes away,” the Pollock were once again parents. This time, two twins, Gillian and Jennifer, who were born on October 4, 1958 with 10 minutes difference. However, after the girls turned three and began modifying their first words, their parents noticed that something strange happened: the twins were able to remember past events in the life of their two sisters who died in 1957.


In fact, Gillian and Jennifer seemed to know perfectly every corner of their house and the villagers themselves. Their habits and customs were identical to those of their sisters and even spoke the same way. Although they were twins, one appeared to be larger and protected the other, who accepted the role of smaller sister. While Gillian remembered the life of its sister Joanna, deceased to the eleven years, Jennifer remembered the one of Jacqueline, of six. On one occasion, the girls found in a loft the dolls with which their deceased sisters used to play and not only knew who each one belonged to, but also knew the same names that they had given them.

Pollock Twins
Pollock Twins

To make the situation even more incredible, the girls also had marks on the body that matched those of their two dead sisters. Jennifer had small marks on her nose, casually in the same place where the late Jacqueline had suffered three stitches, after beating her face when she was three. Gillian, meanwhile, had a mole on the left side of her waist, the same mark that her deceased sister Joanna had.

On one occasion, her parents, surprised by all these facts, heard them speak about the fatal accident that had cost their lives to Joanna and Jacqueline that unfortunate May 5, 1957, describing sensations like the memory of blood sprouting from her nostrils And mouths. “I do not want it to happen to me again. It was horrible, my hands were full of blood, just like my nose and my mouth. I could not breathe, “said Jennifer, to which her sister Gillian replied,” Do not remind me, you looked like a monster and something red came out of your head. ” The girls, moreover, demonstrated to have an absolute phobia to the vehicles. When they saw one passing in the street, they instinctively embraced their parents for protection.

However, after girls turn five, the same age as scientists agree on as one of the thresholds for remembering past lives (it is said that children can remember facts from their past lives up to age seven) Jennifer and Gillian Pollock stopped experiencing these strange behaviors and began to live a totally normal childhood. But were they really them? Or was it the late Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock?

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