Floating City is again captured on video in China

In most fiction books, we find a concept known as “alternative universes . This concept allows writers to explore different timelines with the same characters, or even multiple versions of the same character in a single story. For the most part, we like to think that parallel universes are just a writing tool used to create incredible stories, but science and evidence certainly suggest otherwise.(Floating City)

Although it is very strange, the people who have acceded parallel universes assure to have seen a world that can not be explained . It may be something that is simply physically impossible, but the reality is that it happened. However, the interesting thing about the idea of ​​alternative universes is that it is potentially potentially scientifically possible. Therefore, it is possible that somewhere, there is another version of ourselves with different lives. And, it is also very possible that there is a universe where the people you now know do not exist.

These are simple theories or stories of those who managed to access a world completely different from ours. But now there is new evidence of parallel universes. Another strange “floating city” has been recorded on a Chinese city.

A new floating city

A strange “floating city” was formed in the overcast sky over Jieyang, in Canton Province, China , on Friday, April 21. And curiously, this is the fifth time in six years that the mysterious phenomenon has appeared in the skies of China. In January, hundreds of Yueyang residents saw a city floating behind the clouds. Also in 2015, they recorded another similar city among the clouds over the city ​​of Jiangxi .

In the new video, at first, it seems to be a huge object, but when the camera turns to the right appears something like a skyscraper. But as there are no more videos, some believe it could be a hoax. However, this has not prevented video from becoming a viral phenomenon, with some conspiracy theorists offering their theories. One of these theories is that it is a portal of another open dimension that gives us a brief vision of a city in another part of the universe.

Although there are also those who have suggested that it is a hologram produced by the authorities, better known as the Blue Beam Project . As we have commented in various publications, the Blue Beam Project is a conspiracy theory that suggests that governments simulate an alien invasion or the second coming of Christ through holograms. Canadian journalist Serge Monast was the first to predict what would happen in 1983, 1996 or 2000.

But aside from conspiracy theory, there is also a scientific explanation for such sightings. Experts in meteorology explain that these phenomena are simply a natural mirage , an optical illusion called Fata Morgana. Fata Morgana appears on land or sea and consists of the optical distortion and inversion of distant objects such as ships, which can be similar to skyscrapers because the images come together, when the rays of light pass through the air at different temperatures, As if it were a mist.

Floating City


So far no one knows the origin of this type of sightings, there are only theories and hypotheses about their true origin. It is true that it could be an optical illusion as explained by experts in meteorological phenomena, but it is also possible that it is a vision of parallel worlds.

And what do you think? Is this new evidence of parallel universes? Or maybe it’s an optical phenomenon?

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