UFO was recorded in the shape of a cigar with flashing lights over Paris

According to the large number of sightings, there are UFOs of all sizes and sizes. Although the most popular are those that are flying saucer, possibly those that are in the form of “cigar” are the cause more controversy. And is that some ufologists suggest that the UFOs in the form of a cigar caused the separation of the Red Sea and took defensive measures against the Egyptian army.(UFO was recorded in the shape of a cigar with flashing lights over Paris)

UFOs in the form of a cigar are like a rolled cigar, as its name implies. Its appearance is solid and metallic, often with windows on its sides, as if it were a commercial plane, but without wings. One of the first cigar-shaped UFO sightings occurred in the mid-1970s in Europe, leading to an investigation by European governments.

These mysterious objects are able to float in the air for several minutes and then accelerate to incredible speeds. They have become registered by radar operators who monitor air traffic and also by commercial aircraft. In many cases, these UFOs chase the airplanes as if they were to investigate them, and then fade away at prodigious speeds. And these descriptions coincide with a mysterious object that has appeared near Paris, radiating light and in the form of a cigar. However, what is most striking is that it is similar to the sighting of an object in China in 2010 and Australia in 2014.(UFO was recorded in the shape of a cigar with flashing lights over Paris)

UFO over Paris

A new video posted on the Internet has provoked all kinds of reactions in social networks, where many believe that it is a real UFO in the skies of France . The mysterious cigar-shaped object, which radiates rays of light, was sighted near Paris, and experts on the subject believe it is similar to a UFO previously seen in China and Australia.

According to the digital version of the British newspaper Daily Mail , the video was posted on YouTube by the controversial secureteam10 channel, well known for publishing large numbers of UFO sightings. In the video, Tyler Glockner, responsible for secureteam10, explains that the material came via an email, and that unfortunately does not have much more information, apart from the fact that it was recorded near Paris in the last week.

“I’ve done a bit of research, I’ve already received it, but have not been able to find a copy of the original video,” explains Glockner. “So I do not know, it could be a hoax.”

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline that it is always doubtful when a video or image of a UFO comes from an anonymous source with little information or witness testimony.

“It’s always a sign of fraud when a video or image of a UFO is from an anonymous source with little information or witness testimony,” Watson said. “In this case it is a video of” France “, so the information is not very useful.”

Even so, Glockner made comparisons between the alleged sighting of Paris and previous sightings in China and Australia . According to the conspiracy, in 2010 a similar object in the form of a cigar appeared out of nowhere on an airport in China, causing the temporary closure of it. Even the American television network ABC News reported on July 7, 2010 that the strange sighting caused the closure of Xiaoshan airport. But a strange similar object was also seen in the Australian city Gold Coast in early 2014.(UFO was recorded in the shape of a cigar with flashing lights over Paris)

“This looks exactly like the UFO itself , Glockner continued. “It is undeniable that this is the same UFO or is similar. Once again we see what looks like a very similar UFO, on the Gold Coast beach, which really makes your hair stand on end. At least with these two other UFO sightings we are corroborating the sighting of Paris. I’m definitely starting to believe the video is authentic. “


UFO was recorded in the shape of a cigar with flashing lights over Paris


However, the skeptics have a vision very different from that of Glockner, as it can not be otherwise. Some suggest that the Paris video was recorded from a window and the UFO simply are the lights inside the room . As for the Chinese UFO in 2010, the airport could be shut down by landing a private plane or simply by launching a missile in the direction of the Gobi desert.(UFO was recorded in the shape of a cigar with flashing lights over Paris)

Well, it could be that the skeptics were right. Although it is also possible to say that for them no evidence is sufficient and that for all there must be a logical and rational explanation. And the reality is another, and is that there are things that can not be explained, that go beyond what we can understand.

Do you think the Paris UFO is of extraterrestrial origin? Any secret military evidence? Or maybe it is the reflection of the lights inside a room?

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