Four astronauts will remain on the Moon for 2 weeks, says NASA

Two NASA scientists have just shared new fascinating details about the agency’s planned lunar mission. They revealed Four astronauts will remain on the Moon

During Wednesday’s annual meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, John Connolly and Niki Werkheiser said NASA plans for the next two astronauts on the Moon’s surface to remain for 6.5 days, according to a new article by Ars Technica.

Long walks on the moon

Connolly and Werkheiser said astronauts can take up to four spacewalks while on the surface of the Moon. During these walks, they will take water ice samples and make other scientific observations.

The couple also shared details about a pressureless rover that NASA plans to send to the surface of the Moon before the manned mission. NASA is designing the rover so that astronauts can control it remotely, according to Connolly and Werkheiser, a capability that Ars described as “like Tesla’s ‘Smart Summon’ function, only on the Moon.”

Four astronauts will remain on the Moon for 2 weeks, says NASA
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The scientists told the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group that NASA is already looking beyond the next manned mission to the Moon, with plans to send a team of four astronauts to the lunar surface for missions of 14 days before 2030.

However, Congress has not yet approved the funding that NASA needs for the 2024 mission, so it is still unclear whether it can meet any of these objectives.

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