The Alien Attack On Val Johnson Remote Viewer Finds 100,000-Year-Old Alien Object Attacked Minnesota Deputy

The Alien Attack On Val Johnson: Remote Viewer Finds 100,000-Year-Old Alien Object Attacked Minnesota Deputy

At Fort Meade, Maryland, the DIA and SRI International (a California-based contractor) formed the Star Gate Project in 1978 to investigate the possibilities of psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications. Declassified files of the Star Gate Project (1975–1995) suggest that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was responsible for promoting the psychic phenomenon of remote viewing in the 1970s.

Minnesota Deputy Val Johnson’s incident, which became the most famous UFO case, is well-known to UFO enthusiasts. On the night of August 27, 1979, Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy Val Johnson’s car got damaged and he himself sustained injuries while he was chasing a strange ball of light. Ken Korczak, a newspaper reporter, has written several articles on this incident and has done a tremendous job in attempting to solve the case.

Brief Introduction To Val Johnson UFO Case

Deputy Val Johnson was in his Ford LTD cruiser patrolling on a state highway in northwest Minnesota at 1:40 a.m. on August 27, 1979. Suddenly, he spotted a brightly lit ball which was 12 inches in diameter and was hovering 3 to 4 feet off the ground. The ball was a few miles away from his car. After a few moments passed, he was hit by that bright light and lost consciousness for 39 minutes. He described that when the light hit his face, it felt like he was hit by a pillow.

Minnesota Deputy Val Johnson
Minnesota Deputy Val Johnson

When he regained consciousness, he had a burning sensation around his face, especially around his eyes. Along with the burning sensation, he had bruises on his body. His car was damaged; the windshield was broken, the antenna was twisted and what not. He assured his fellow officers who reached there that it wasn’t an accident but that he had encountered something of extraterrestrial origin. The most interesting part of the incident that added to the strangness of the case was that his wrist watch and the clock in his car were 14 minutes slower than normal.

According to experts, “a highly charged electrical thing with enough mass and momentum to cause the effects” is the best explanation for the damage to his car. No concrete conclusion to the case was ever given, and the case became a mystery. Even the documents relating to the case disappeared after a few years. The patrol car and the copies of the documents are kept on display in the Marshall County Museum.

A crack in the windshield of Val Johnson patrol car
A crack in the windshield of Val Johnson’s patrol car

Later, his car was examined by a metallurgical engineer from Honeywell from the Ford Motor Co. named Roland Wardell. He was also a consultant on hyperspectral imagery from the Brainerd laboratory. Even though he was not inclined towards UFOs and aliens, he suggested that the car had surely encountered something of extraterrestrial origin.

Remote Viewing Val Johnson’s Incident

Researchers at Stanford Research Institute developed the psychic phenomena of remote viewing at the request of the CIA and DoD intelligence agencies. According to Ken Korczak, the 43-year old unsolved Val Johnson’s Incident’s clues could be discovered through remote viewing. He enlisted the aid of Buddy Bolton, a remote viewer, psychic, and ESP extraordinaire.

The remote viewing abilities of Bolton have been studied by many scientific agencies. One of Utah’s wealthiest men, Brandon Fugal, regarded Bolton as “truly gifted.” Skinwalker Ranch is currently owned by Fugal. Best known for his work on remote viewing, American physicist Russell Targ highly appreciates Bolton’s work. 

Remote viewer Buddy Bolton (right) conducts an interview with Russell Targ.  Source: YouTube/ALIEN PROTOCOLS
Remote viewer Buddy Bolton (right) conducts an interview with Russell Targ.  Source: YouTube/ALIEN PROTOCOLS

“This object is a probe. It is circular, has crisscross lines all over it — and has a squarish aspect — but it’s really a circle. It’s definitely not “black ops.” It is covered with the material — It’s a metal that is like a glassy alloy, like a charcoal-silver. The surface material is a classic kind of nanomaterial that enables a computational ability to spread across its surface. Other computational processes are spread across layers inside. There is an enormous load of fantastically high-end technology crammed into these objects. Sometimes this object has a little blinking light on it.”

“One of them was having a few technical difficulties. There is a catalyst liquid contained within a small chamber inside. It’s insanely efficient! Makes no noise, no sound — absolutely nothing is wasted. No ancillary energy wastes. The object is non-organic. Even though it is not a biological organism, it has the quality of being sentient because of the extreme sophistication of its AI-like computational ability.”

Data produced by Buddy Bolton after Remote Viewing the object that confronted Johnson in 1979

Bolton claimed that the object was manufactured by a highly advanced race that has long since gone beyond the biological stage. In simple language, he indicated that the object had alien origin. According to him, the object was almost 100,000 years old. The earthly objects were most likely replicated on Mars. Before that, they came from a distant origin outside our solar system.

“It has main hubs which look like giant green cubes — but they can change into several different geometric shapes. They’re exceptionally large — like a quarter of a mile — and if you destroyed all of them except for one this race would still be alive. They have many backup hubs.

Just one probe originally entered our solar system. All others are replicated from that first probe. There seems to be at least 30 of them distributed on Earth at the time.

My impression is that they had a “home base” on the moon — but have since backed off to Ganymede since many of Earth’s space-faring nations are sending probes and imaging satellites to the moon and Mars now. The object works on a principle similar to a Von Neumann Machine.”

Buddy Bolton
  • Page from Bolton’s RV worksheet. Source Ken Korczak
  • Page from Bolton’s RV worksheet. Source Ken Korczak
  • Page from Bolton’s RV worksheet. Source Ken Korczak

Purpose of Of The Object Encountered Val Johnson

According to Buddy Bolton, the object had an array of missions. It was an avatar of an entity located elsewhere. Even though the object was not biological, it had a consciousness of its own. Though it was made to perform multiple tasks, in 1979 its main purpose was to conduct surveillance of U.S. military base and nuclear ICBM silos located near the location where Val Johnson encountered the object.

Moreover, Bolton claimed the object’s hostile behavior towards Val Johnson’s car was caused by a bug in its system. The object misunderstood the car as a threat and, therefore, attacked both the car and Val Johnson.

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