George Adamski

The Alien Encounter Of George Adamski: An Alien Named Orthon From Planet Venus And Photograph Of A UFO

Most people who are interested in UFOs are aware that there have been varying degrees of contact with aliens. However, few people are aware that the first documented meeting with the extraterrestrials took place several decades ago. One such contactee is George Adamski, who asserted that he had not only witnessed the aliens but also met them.  

George Adamski

The UFO Encounter Of George Adamski

Many people were of the opinion that his case was one-of-a-kind, even by the standards of early ufology. Adamski’s entire UFO expedition began on October 9, 1946, when he and a group of his friends witnessed a massive cigar-shaped spaceship during a meteor shower.

Surprisingly, he managed to photograph the unusual object, but his interest in the issue of UFOs blossomed just three years later. Some skeptics have highlighted that other well-known UFO sightings occurred during that time period, such as Kenneth Arnold’s observation of a flying disc above Mount Rainier and the crash of a flying disc near Roswell, New Mexico, which could have aroused Adamski’s imagination. He did, however, eventually decide to speak about what he had witnessed.

Roswell UFO Crash

George Adamski asserted that he had established contact with aliens. This first incident occurred on November 20, 1952. Adamski and his companions were in the Colorado desert, near the community of Desert Center. They suddenly noticed an unusual aerial item hovering in the sky. At first, Adamski felt as though the extraterrestrial ship had landed specifically for him, which made him travel to the UFO’s landing spot. Soon afterward, a pilot exited the UFO and introduced himself as Orthon, claiming to be a citizen of the planet Venus.

George Adamski
Photo captured by George Adamski

Naturally, all of this may be interpreted as a mere hallucination, but the entire occurrence was witnessed from afar by Adamski’s companions. The most intriguing aspect of this entire scenario, though, is the appearance of that alien.

The entity Adamski encountered was described as “a medium-sized humanoid with long blond hair and pale skin.” Apart from their height, all of the following signs correspond to alien species dubbed “Nordic.” Furthermore, like with the Norwegians, Orthon interacted with Adamski via telepathy, and his mere presence elicited in him “a warm embrace of immense love and wisdom.” The alien informed Adamski about the risks of nuclear weapons and the potential for conflict.

Orthon and Adamski were scheduled to meet again on December 13 of that year. Orthon handed him a previously borrowed photographic plate the moment, which he filled with strange alien characters ostensibly representing a communication from the alien. The most significant aspect of this meeting, however, was a photograph snapped by Adamski soon following a chat with Orthon. We may claim that this was a watershed moment because when most of us think about flying saucers, we envision a form immortalized by Adamski. Of course, as is customary for a UFO witness, Adamski was not faultless.

Adamski’s photographs of objects he claimed were UFOs he had observed and traveled in, have also come under scrutiny. His frequently published photograph from 1952, depicts an object which has been variously identified as the top of a chicken brooder or a streetlight. Adamski claimed that movie director Cecil B. DeMille’s top trick photographer, J. Peverell Marley, had examined his UFO photos and found a “spaceman” in them, and Marley himself declared that if Adamski’s pictures were fakes, they were the best he had ever seen. In the United Kingdom, 14 experts from the J. Arthur Rank company concluded that the object photographed was either real or a full-scale model.

However, in his 1955 investigation into Adamski’s claims, James W. Moseley interviewed Marley, who stated that he had never enlarged the photos for analysis nor found a “spaceman” in them, and did not know of anyone who had.

George Adamski

His lectures were not entirely objective, and his theses on aliens residing on all of the solar system’s planets elicited little support from the scientific community or, more surprisingly, from ufologists, who said that his stories mocked all ufology. In 1962, he announced his participation in an interplanetary meeting on Saturn, and a year later, he boasted about his gold medal of honor, which he was supposed to receive from Pope John XXIII.

Adamski’s character appears to be so vibrant that the inconsistencies that surround him are at least understood. The issue is that it’s difficult to determine whether anything he said was a lie or a symptom of mental illness. If such is the case, is the remarkable connection between Adamski’s alien sighting and the Norwegians’ worldwide observations really coincidental?

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