The Triumph of Summer Tapestry Four UFOs Depicted In A 1538 Tapestry

The Triumph of Summer Tapestry: Four UFOs Depicted In A 1538 Tapestry

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have always occupied our curiosity. No one really knows where they come from or what kind of creatures are inside them. We can’t even pinpoint their origin. There are some interesting objects in the famous Triumph of Summer Tapestry.

The Triumph of Summer Tapestry: Four UFOs Depicted In A 1538 Tapestry

Ufology – the study of UFOs, is considered something new, which arose only in the twentieth century, but the UFOs themselves, judging by many legends and records, have been observed by mankind for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Some of the UFOs are believed to have been recorded in medieval frescoes and paintings. One of the most striking examples of this is the “Triumph of Summer” tapestry from the Belgian city of Bruges, created in 1538.

On the upper part of this tapestry, which depicts pieces of the sky, you can see as many as four flying objects of a suspiciously familiar shape in the form of an inverted saucer. 

The main part of the tapestry is occupied by the “scene of the rise of the ruler to power”, and strange disc-shaped objects look insignificant and barely noticeable. However, they are definitely not birds, and they also do not look like typical medieval signs of “divine manifestation”, as historians usually consider them.

The Triumph of Summer Tapestry: Four UFOs Depicted In A 1538 Tapestry

However, even if we accept that the artist painted these flying disks as a divine manifestation, the question remains, why did the artist decide that a disk-shaped object in the sky should represent a divine manifestation? Is it because he once personally saw a flying disk in the sky?

In general, in many paintings of that era one can find strange “divine signs” depicted in the form of clouds with rays, people standing on floating clouds or platforms, or other flying objects. Is this just a fantasy of religious people, or is it based on the fact that they actually once saw something strange in the sky? 

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