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Ghost Of A Dog: Apparitions Of A Deceased Dog Captured On Camera By Owners

Some of our most powerful bonds are not with other humans, but with our pets. Could those ties survive even death? Could you share your home with the ghosts of your previous pets? The mediums, psychics, and parapsychologists say: “Yes. ” Most apparitions focus on trauma: a tragedy or sudden death creates an emotional “wound” that traps spirits in time and space. That is why battlefields and historically violent places are often sites of paranormal activity. On the other hand, most pet ghosts stick around for more benevolent reasons. Is it possible for the ghost of a dog to visit its previous owner?

Their attachment is not about past trauma, but about a special emotional connection with its human friends. The connection between person and animal can be so powerful in life that it goes beyond what we can imagine. After death, that spiritual attachment does not fade. That is why the ghost of a pet can act as a guardian angel, a divine protector. And this is what a woman believes, who claims to have photographed the ghost of her deceased pet.

The Ghost Of A Dog Caught On Camera

The surprising photo was published earlier this month on Reddit by Angelita Casale, who claims her dog Rocky, who died on August 31, appeared. Rocky went from a puppy to a grown dog when the family moved from a city to a rural area last year, and he loved to run all day in the wide-open space.

Ghost Of A Dog

According to the British newspaper Daily Express, the surprising moment occurred when Angelita and her husband were returning home from dinner at night and, at that moment, they did not observe anything strange at the entrance.

However, when her husband reviewed the images from his security camera a few days later, he saw an anomaly that was difficult to explain. In the picture, a puzzling shape can be seen next to Angelita and the strange shape appears to have four legs. Looking at the picture, she was not immediately aware of the presence, but when her husband pointed it out, she realized it looked like Rocky. It was then that she began to cry with happiness because of what she was seeing.

“At first I didn’t see it until he [her husband] pointed it out,” said Angelita, from the US state of Arizona. “I noticed that the shape looked like Rocky. I started crying tears of happiness because of what I was seeing. “

While many netizens indicated that the curious form was clearly Angelita’s deceased dog and shared similar stories of their returning pets in spirit form, the most skeptical considered the ‘apparition’ to be simply the product of motion blur. While that explanation may be useful for some, this does not seem to be the case for Angelita, who is convinced that it is Rocky, since they were romantically connected.

“Rocky was a very loyal dog who was constantly by our side. All his life, we worked from home, so he was always with us, and as soon as our older children (16 and 11 years old) came home from school, he spent the rest of the day and night with them, “She concluded.

What is your opinion on the curious image showing the ghost of a dog? Did Rocky visit Angelita for the last time or was it just an optical effect?

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