The Kazakhstan UFO Crash Mysterious Disappearance Of An Alien Who Lived With A Shepherd

The Kazakhstan UFO Crash: Mysterious Disappearance Of An Alien Who Lived With A Shepherd

The shepherd, Sagynbay, may have saved the Soviet nuclear weapons base from a UFO invasion by sheltering a crashed alien. In 1979, the Turgai region of the Kazakh SSR near Arkalyk was an industrial city where this incident took place. Now this place is mostly deserted. Sagynbay, a local shepherd, awoke in the middle of the night to find the sky sparkling. The shepherd left to find the source of the odd light on his horse.

Night Guest At The Shepherd Home

He saw some strange object falling from the sky while he was travelling a few kilometers from his native village. He moved closer towards it, thinking that it could be a Soviet space satellite. He was surprised to discover a silver disk buried in the rough earth. Sagynbay returned to the hamlet after deciding it was pointless to approach such a find. An escape pod that looked like a dark-coal egg was also found about 100 meters away from the fallen object.

He decided to move back to a safe distance and observe it from a safe distance when the shepherd’s horse snorted and pranced his front legs to move away. Even though he knew that it would be better to leave the place, his curiosity made him stay there. However, the aircraft’s occupant sprang to his feet and walked to the shepherd.

Alien ( shepherd )

According to the shepherd, the entity was tall and had long limbs. In the darkness, its large eyes glowed brightly. The extraterrestrial entity was welcomed by the shepherd with open arms. He asked the entity to sit on the horse and walked home on foot. To say that his wife was astonished is a complete understatement. He thought that his wife would run away after seeing the alien, but it appeared that his wife was under hypnosis and, without questioning anything, she obeyed her husband’s command.

Shepherd treated his overnight visitor with much respect, as he also asked his wife to cook beshbarmak in the middle of the night and set the table. The woman made the meal, again avoiding eye contact with the guest in order to avoid appearing overly interested. The alien tasted the dough and ate the whole kurt, which is a national Kazakh dish of dry balls, which are made from sheep, goat, or camel cottage cheese. The woman prepared the bed for the alien, but the alien refused using gestures and instead made him sit on the table, closing his eyes. Whether he slept or not, the couple didn’t know.

Unexpected Witness

The next morning, as soon as Shepherd saw the military UAZ in his yard, he realized that they must be here for the alien. So, in order to save the alien from the Soviet military, he held the alien’s hand and took it to the hay stash and gestured for it to hide there. After hiding the alien, he came out to meet the officers. They asked him whether he had spotted an unusual entity, to which he answered that he was in a deep sleep last night. The officers left the village after roaming there for some time.

Soviet Military
Soviet Military

Following the two weeks since the alien appeared for the first time, it lived in the shepherd house for two weeks until, on June 26, 1979, he disappeared from Sagynbay’s house. During these two weeks, he interacted with the villagers and learned to play checkers and cards. He was also able to beat them in the game. During his stay there, he interacted with the villagers without uttering a single word. He was able to understand their language.

The story was made public by a Russian girl, Tatyana Leonova, who told this story to reporters. She discovered the alien when she was nine years old. She used to live in Arkalyk with her father, who was a veterinarian by profession. One day, the girl, along with his father, visited the shepherd house as her father and the shepherd were friends.

They sat there, had tea, and had some chit-chat when suddenly some noise came from outside. The shepherd whispered something in the father’s ears and took him outside the house by holding his elbow. The girl was asked to sit there quietly, but she also secretly followed them to the barn. Inside the cowshed, the girl saw an enigmatic creature surrounded by a few men. According to her, the creature’s head was twice the size of a human and its eyes were half the size of a human.

Her father told her this whole story when she grew up. The Turgai incident, which also happened on the same day of the alien’s disappearance, was closely linked by her. This incident occurred near the city of Derzhavinsk, not far from the local military unit that supplied the mines with R-36 nuclear ballistic missiles called “Satan.” This occurrence occurred a hundred kilometers from Arkalyk. On the day of the incident, children from the Beryozka pioneer camp saw aliens, and just a day before the event, witnesses spotted fireballs in the sky. 

A group of pioneers encountered a 3 metre tall humanoid. They spotted the humanoid when the daughter of a local police major, Svetlana Kvacheva, lit up a fire on the slope of a nearby hill after dinner. She was also among the members of the pioneers. When the children started running towards the camp to hide, the humanoid started following them.

They hid behind the fence of the pioneer camp. They felt safe, so they invited the alien and asked him for a talk. The alien refused the invitation. It was getting dark as the night grew and the alien eyes sparkled red, which looked scary. Svetlana Kvacheva remembers it.

The girl who was the pioneer leader was walking around the camp when she spotted a giant humanoid and ran for her life. Later, she returned to the site where she spotted the alien along with the watchman, but they didn’t find anything there.

The next day, everyone heard a rumble similar to that of a jet taking off. The whole story was suspected to have some relation to the nearby military base. Some reports suggest the base had up to 15% of the nuclear potential of the USSR.

Alien ( shepherd )

The whole story was narrated to the major by Sveta Kvacheva, who was also her father. Taking it seriously, he spread the news to officials, after which the children were interviewed by the military and then by the KGB officers. The whole incident became viral amongst the general public when a camp worker wrote about it to the editors of one of the Soviet youth magazines.

If both the shepherd incident and the girls incident are linked, it suggests that aliens may have come for their lost friend who was with the shepherd, during which they also gathered information about the military base.

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