A man runs away from home after hearing strange noises and photographing a ghost staring at him

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the topic of paranormal sightings and evil spirits intrigues almost everyone. Growing up, we have all listened to these ‘ghost’ stories with great interest and fascination, even though they scared us terribly. 

We tend to have this distorted idea of ​​how ghosts look and act due to a large number of exaggerated horror movies. Most, if not all, of those movies, are overrepresented what ghosts can do to achieve dramatic effects. But the direct answer is yes, ghosts have the power to harm those of us in the physical world.

It is not common for a ghost to harm a living person. Most of the documented cases of people being harmed by a ghost are not what they initially imagined. The damage that is being caused, in most cases, is not physical. Instead, it is the emotional and psychological damage that can be easily recognized in all of these individuals. Unlike living people, the typical laws of physics do not always apply in the same way to ghosts. 

Even if you have a ghost at home, it does not mean that it physically exists in the same perceived way. 

When you see a ghost in our world you are perceiving a manifestation of its energy. Although it must be said that there is rarely physical pain, and this is caused by a poltergeist encounter

Poltergeists are some of the most disturbing entities you will come across. They are best known for being the loudest, most violent, and destructive ghosts out there. Most people who have experienced one claim that their encounter is something they will never forget. And this may be the case of a Reddit user, who claims to have photographed the entity that lives in his house.

Founding A Ghost In Your Own House

Reddit user OppySpoopyMan got very scared when he heard strange noises in his empty apartment. He was so terrified that he started packing to run outside, but before that, he decided to take pictures all over the rooms.

A Man Runs Away From Home After Hearing Strange Noises And Photographing A Ghost Staring At Him

As OppySpoopyMan explains, he heard the sound of feet shuffling or clothes brushing against each other. At the time, all his roommates were working and he was alone, so there was no possibility that it was a joke.

“After hearing knocks and noises in my kitchen, I took a photo and saw this, take a look,” reads the description of the image posted on Reddit.

At first glance, nothing seems out of place, but when you take a closer look at the image, you will find a face leaning behind the door, looking directly at you . Initially, many of the Reddit users found nothing strange in the photo either, but they got scared after zooming in.

“I don’t know why I keep looking at it because it gives me a chill every time I do it. But I can’t look at it because it’s so creepy, ” commented one user.

After the spooky encounter, the man said that he would move out of this house and has already let his roommates know. If we rule out that this is a montage or a prank, then OppySpoopyMan would have made the best decision, simply to prevent this manifestation from turning into something much worse, as the next thing you might face is poltergeists activity, which will generally focus on a particular individual.

 Although many confuse poltergeists with ghosts, the violence and aggressiveness of the encounter are what sets them apart. Actual poltergeist activity tends to include physical violence against individuals. They are known to inflict scratches, bites, punches, bruises, and even strangulation injuries on their victims.

A Man Runs Away From Home After Hearing Strange Noises And Photographing A Ghost Staring At Him

And for those who are skeptical of the image and experience of OppySpoopyMan, it must be said in their favor that the “new normal” is causing an increase in paranormal activity around the world. More and more cases of people and even entire families claim to be sharing their home with what they believe to be ghostly companions. 

But not only do they believe or perceive it, but they also heard from typical bangs and footsteps in the hallway, to very new and strange events, such as people hearing whispers through their televisions or receiving text messages from long-deceased friends and family.

Also, for those whose experience of self-isolation involves living with a ghost, their days are marked not just by Zoom meetings or homeschooling, but by disembodied voices, shadowy figures, malfunctioning electronic devices, ghostly cats that snuggle up on couches, invisible hand caresses, and even, in some cases, floaty full-torso appearances that float free.

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