Heath Ledger, Randy Quaid and the conspiracy of a secret society that kills celebrities

Hollywood actor Randy Quaid is confident that there is a secret society in the United States, which includes a huge number of people and which is engaged in killing Hollywood movie stars.

The American actor known Randy Quaid, Brother of actor Dennis Quaid, once had a fairly successful career. He has managed to emerge from his sister’s shadow by starring in many well-received films, including Midnight Express, Days of Thunder, Elvis, Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain and more. . He is a Golden Globe laureate, and in 1973 he was even nominated for an Oscar.

At some point, he became quite famous, but then his personal life went downhill, and when he tried to understand what the reason was, he seemed to have fallen into a “rabbit hole” after learning about a secret society that kills celebrities and adjusts it as accident.

Heath Ledger, Randy Quaid And The Conspiracy Of A Secret Society That Kills Celebrities

Quaid’s troubles began back in 2009, when he and his wife, photographer, filmmaker, and former model Evie Quaid, were increasingly having strange situations. At the same time, Quaid’s popularity was rapidly waning, and one by one, two of his close friends, actor David Carradine and Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger, died under strange circumstances. 

The Quaids were having a hard financial time, and perhaps this moment marked the beginning of their “descent” into the swamp of strange and illegal behavior. 

In 2009, Quaid and his wife were arrested on charges of robbing a luxury hotel in Santa Barbara, California using an invalid credit card. 

Although they were released on bail, they avoided appearing in court and warrants were obtained for their arrest. They were ultimately found guilty of fraud and put on probation. 

It was around this time that Quaid began to claim that his royalty checks were intercepted in the mail by unknown parties. Further, Quaid began to demonstrate strange behavior, for example, appearing at public events in a penis suit, as well as physically and verbally abusing his fellow actors, for which he was expelled from the Actors Association for life. 

Heath Ledger, Randy Quaid And The Conspiracy Of A Secret Society That Kills Celebrities

Then his wife, Evie, got into trouble for sending members of the production crew photographs of her lying naked on the bed with a gun. 

In 2010, Evie and Randy were charged with burglary after breaking into an empty house and also allegedly trashing it. It was a house they once owned in Montecito, California, which they claimed had been illegally taken from them with a fake signature. 

From then on, things only got worse. 

Evie Quaid began to suspect that all their financial problems with checks and royalties were due to someone deliberately stalking them. Scandals at events and quarrels with fellow actors were also called by her specially rigged provocations. 

Both Evie and Randy Quaid went on to develop this version and try to tell as many people as possible about it. They said that there was a secret organization in the United States that first brought Hollywood stars to their feet, and then faked their deaths as suicide or an accident.

This organization (or community) is allegedly called “Hollywood Star Whackers” and, according to the Quaids, they were behind the suspicious deaths of Carradine and Ledger.

Carradine was found dead at a Bangkok hotel in June 2009, while filming the film, his naked body hanging from a rope in the toilet. Although it was largely ruled a suicide, two separate autopsies showed it was not suicide, but rather a failed autoerotic asphyxiation attempt. 

According to the Quaids, it was a deliberate murder, just framed as an accident during erotic games. Allegedly, it was intentional to defame the actor’s reputation after death. 

Ledger was found dead in January 2008 by his housekeeper in his Manhattan apartment, and his death was attributed to acute intoxication caused by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine. 

The Quaids believe that this was also murder, but before that, the secret society for a long time deliberately brought Ledger to nervous breakdowns and stress, so that he began to take many drugs.

There were other mysterious deaths of people close to the Quaids, and they came to the conclusion that all these deaths were also in the hands of a secret society, and moreover, now the Quaids themselves are on their list. 

“Hollywood is killing its movie stars. Randy has known eight close friends killed in strange, very strange ways … We feel like we’re next. We’re fleeing. They’re watching us. They’re after us. It’s really happening. They’ve got us in a trap, like a spiral, “- Evie Quaid said in an interview.

These sinister “Celebrity Killers”, according to the Quaids, consisted of many different people close to the Hollywood elite, as well as lawyers, real estate agents, and accountants who worked in concert in the shadows, sabotaging the actors and ultimately killing them, rigging the unfortunate cases of suicide.

The most successful of their work, Kuyada pointed to Michael Jackson, who for many years before his sudden death suffered from constant scandals and shocking revelations. They also named such stars as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Susan Sarandon and Jeremy Pivena as their targets.

The Quaids became so paranoid that they refused to eat in restaurants, stopped using cell phones and credit cards, and disconnected from the Internet and telephone connections, convinced that they were constantly being monitored and that their phones were tapped.

They became hermits and eventually tried to escape to Canada in 2010, calling themselves refugees and seeking asylum under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. They told Canadian officials that they were being persecuted by the “Celebrity Killers” and that their continued stay in the United States was almost tantamount to a death sentence. 

At first, they were arrested under warrants previously filed for them in the United States, and in 2011, Evie still managed to obtain Canadian citizenship. However, Randy was still out of luck. However, he settled in Montreal illegally, without claiming to be a non-resident, in the meantime his passport was revoked. It is also the result of The Celebrity Killers, he insists. 

Randy Quaid was eventually charged with illegal entry and sentenced to deportation. Then Randy and his wife moved across the border to Vermont, where they were arrested almost immediately, but later released. 

The couple still lives in Vermont and have filmed a documentary about the secret society Celebrity Killers in recent years. Critics have crushed it, but the Kuyeda believe that the same society is behind all this. 

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