NASA responds to a former employee Gilbert Levin who claims life on Mars was found in the 1970s

Earlier this week we published the news about Gilbert Levin, a former NASA scientist Gilbert Levin who said that the Viking mission found unequivocal signs of life on Mars in 1976. Now a spokesman for the US space agency has come to the crossroads of such affirmation.

Gilbert Levin

“The general opinion of the vast majority of the scientific community is that the results of the Viking mission experiments alone do not reach the level of extraordinary evidence,” said NASA spokesman Allard Beutel in an email to Fox News.

According to Beutel, one of the agency’s main objectives remains the search for life in the universe. “Although we still have to find signs of extraterrestrial life, NASA is exploring the Solar System and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe,” the spokesperson added.

In addition, he stressed that for this purpose the space agency directs scientific missions to Mars, Enceladus (Saturn satellite) and Europe (Jupiter satellite) and seeks bio-signatures in the atmosphere of planets outside the solar system.

The relativity of extraordinary evidence

Analyzing the response of NASA, one can realize that it is not really such, moreover, it constitutes sophistry by itself. That something is not believed by the majority of the scientific community does not take away notoriety or is a serious standard to decide what is life or is not. 

In fact, many things that were not believed by the majority of the scientific community in the past turned out to be true and are now accepted as realities.

It seems that, although science is not supposed to tolerate vague or double standards, when it comes to life on other planets the evidence must always be, according to the scientific establishment represented by the NASA spokesperson, “extraordinary ». Of course, the line that defines where the ordinary ends and the extraordinary begins is never precisely defined.

We understand that perhaps a simple spokesperson does not have enough arguments to refute what Levin said as it should, although he who has not actually done so already tells us something.

You will be able to find more points and evidence that support what was claimed by the former NASA scientist at the end of the news that gave rise to this official replica.

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