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US Air Force Is Building UFO Tracking Station Off Florida Coast Claims Report

An engineer has assured that this will be the first of many UFO tracking stations to be built on the US coast to detect and track unexplained aerial phenomena.

US Air Force Is Building UFO Tracking Station Off Florida Coast Claims Report

UFO Tracking Station To Be Built In Florida

What is the best place in the US to see UFOs? Roswell and Area 51 get a lot of votes, and the United States Navy could say off the coast of California or the Atlantic coast off Virginia Beach. However, if you ask the US Air Force, it is the Gulf of Mexico coast, Florida. That’s where an engineer who is also interested in UFOs claims he was told that the USAF is building a new facility that will be used to track unidentified aerial phenomena.

“Normally, I wouldn’t look at this particular project too zealously, especially since MacDill Air Force Base is about 45 miles south at the southern tip of Tampa Bay. MacDill is the Central Command for Middle East operations. However, being a lifelong UFO enthusiast and given everything that has happened recently, my radar went off, no pun intended.

US Air Force Is Building UFO Tracking Station Off Florida Coast Claims Report
Approved plans (public record).

This story comes from the 528hz.space website and Jeff Black, supervisor of the Pasco County Building Department plan examiner, who wrote about the project on his blog, The Jolt  (suspiciously later deleted the entry). That’s right, This could be the biggest revelation of how serious the federal government is with UFOs which is revealed by a humble local government building inspector called in early April 2021 to verify plans for some unusual structures on a plot of land. Gulf Coastland.

These structures include:

  • A 100 foot tall tower with a radar dome.
  • Two 50-foot folding auxiliary towers.
  • An elevated surveillance building with an observation deck.

What does this complex of buildings correspond to? Blask says he joked with the project engineer by suggesting that it looked like a UAPs (UFO) tracking station. To his surprise, the engineer replied:

«You got it right! And indeed, if you are interested in that topic, you may also be interested to know that this facility is not being overseen by MacDill Air Force Base… It is being overseen in its entirety by Eglin. ‘

US Air Force Is Building UFO Tracking Station Off Florida Coast Claims Report
Approved plans (public record).

Eglin Air Force Base is much further from the site than nearby MacDill. This facility would end up being visited by the mysterious Men in Black, the engineer assured Blask that the plans were not classified (Blask provides the public domain drawings on his site), but cautioned that “this facility will be heavily guarded, with armed guards, and only people with top-secret authorization will be able to enter ». And, perhaps most importantly, “this is just the first in a series of similar installations planned for other coastal areas.”

“This development is probably related to the claim of pilot Ryan Graves, who said that there were sensitive intrusions into the airspace almost daily on the east coast of Florida for two years,” he added.

528hz.space links the UFO tracking facility to revelations made last month in 60 Minutes by former Navy Lt. Ryan Graves, who says he saw UFOs off the coast of Virginia in 2019 that could be a ‘security threat. »For the US And despite that, these UFOs continued to swarm the Atlantic coast for two years without a military response, at least none that he was aware of.

That’s all there is so far. Is Blask correct in his revelation that the United States Air Force is building a tracking station for UAPs on the Gulf Coast near Tampa? Will any details on this be covered in the next Pentagon report on UAPs? Will anyone ask questions if not?

Source: MU

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