The Terrifying Ghost Of Edinburgh: Gordon Family ‘Scary Paranormal Encounter At Buckingham Terrace

The reported hauntings of Buckingham Terrace in Edinburgh, Scotland, are thought to be the result of a macabre murder story. A crazy sailor is the main suspect in the case of a ghost who is said to have caused problems for several families, including the recently shifted Gordon Family who live in the apartment building.

Situated by Dean Bridge, Buckingham Terrace is just a short walk from the center of Edinburgh. There are a number of exquisite flats in an imposing crescent of residences. The Gordan Family who recently shifted into a Buckingham Terrace flat in the 19th century, noticed a malevolent presence in their new home right away.

Paranormal Activities Experienced By The Gordon Family

Apart from a few items of furniture stored there, the flat above their home had been vacant for some time. One night, when Mrs. Gordon awoke in the middle of the night to hear noises in the room above her, she was both shocked and alarmed. Heavy objects were being pushed around with a lot of thudding and crashing. The sounds of heavy objects being pushed around with a lot of thudding and crashing were coming.

Buckingham Terrace
Buckingham Terrace

Mrs. Gordon decided to file a complaint with the landlord as the noises came the next night also. The disturbances, on the other hand, had no clear explanation. Aside from the Gordon family, there were no other occupants in the building. The landlord didn’t have much to explain except to say that Mrs. Gordon’s ears might be playing tricks on her and that the noise was coming from further away, maybe from the building next door.

Even after the landlord’s explanation, Mrs. Gordon was resolute and believed that the noises were coming from the higher flat, specifically from the one directly above hers where she was sleeping. Within a short period of time, Mrs. Gordon began to have an overwhelming sense of dread whenever she was alone in her room. One night, she awoke terrified. She wasn’t used to feeling this way; she was usually a calm, collected woman.

Even though she couldn’t see anything in the room, she felt someone’s presence there. As she lay in bed at night, the presence would silently pass by her and leave her room. For the time being, it seemed certain that something was there. The noise of someone climbing the staircase was always heard after the strange presence left the room. To begin with, the sounds were subdued, but as they progressed, they became increasingly loud.

Similar banging noises that she heard on prior occasions would begin again. The sounds would then shift in quality again, and Mrs. Gordon would hear stamping noises above her head, as if someone was hopping up and down on the floor. Mrs. Gordon had nothing to do with weird happenings because any suggestion she made to the landlord that the place might be haunted would almost certainly have been received with denial and scorn. Inquiring with the rest of the members of the Gordon family, she learned that they had not heard anything unusual at night.

Then one day, it was her mother’s absence that prompted her to sleep in her mother’s room for the night, and she also experienced a similar set of events. She had just opened the door when she felt something push past her and move toward the stairs to the upper floor. The adrenaline rush may have given the girl the courage to run after the “thing” as it went up to the empty apartment above.

She stopped at the doorway, but she could hear that whatever it was had gone inside. She could hear the “thing” moving the furniture now because the noise of the moving furniture was coming through the door. The door was unlocked when the girl cautiously tried to open it. She turned the handle, pushed the door open all the way, and stood in the doorway and looked into the room.

Grandfather Clock
Grandfather Clock

A dark figure bent over the open case of a grandfather clock was only seen by her as the room was dark. Her intuition told her that the figure was not human, or at least not a live person. She froze in dread when her courage suddenly dwindled. When she saw a figure moving towards her, she dashed back to her apartment as quickly as her legs could carry her. After hearing from her daughter, Mrs. Gordon was even more convinced that the property was haunted.

The ghostly figure reappeared, this time to Mrs. Gordon’s horror. Suddenly, the feeling of dread came back to her as she lay in bed one night. She was now aware that it should be the same figure as she was now familiar with that feeling of dread. She raised her head and saw a man standing in the bedroom’s doorway. He appeared sinister and disturbed. Rags appeared to be all that he had in his hands.

The Gordon family had already gone through too much. Arrangements were made to vacate the apartment on Buckingham Terrace shortly after that. Despite the fact that they had already moved on, Mrs. Gordon was determined to learn more about the history of their Buckingham Terrace apartment. As they investigated the matter, they came to know that they were not the only ones who believed that the house was haunted. Other families who lived there earlier also experienced similar paranormal activities. There were a number of rumors regarding the flat, one of which Mrs. Gordon considered the most likely.

The Story Of The Ghost

As per the story, a man who was a former merchant navy commander and a retired seaman, previously lived in the Gordons’ apartment. The man had a history of alcoholism and was suspected of having a mental illness. At that time, a family with an infant had been residing in the apartment above, and the baby would frequently cry at night, as newborns do. One night, after being left alone for a while, the baby woke up and started to cry.

The sound of the baby crying all the time was so annoying to the seaman that he went upstairs in a drunken rage and killed the baby. He tried to hide his crime by putting the baby’s body in the case of a grandfather clock. The terrible thing was found out pretty quickly, and the seaman was sent to an asylum, where he was said to have killed himself.

The Gordon family found this narrative horrifying, but it did explain why the presence kept thundering upstairs and why the spectral figure had been bending over the open case of the grandfather clock.

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