The Strange Gray’s Encounter: Strange Visions, Mothered An Alien Child, And Telepathic Contact With An Alien Named Sen

“Grey” or “Gray” is the most commonly described extraterrestrial species by victims of alien abduction and witnesses. Government records contain numerous reports of Greys being publicly publicized. Preston Dennett, a well-known UFO researcher has the unusual case of a woman from California who encountered a gray alien named “Sen.”

To be clear, all of Preston Dennett’s investigations and records are based on actual events. In 1986, he realized that his family, friends, and coworkers were experiencing dramatic, unexplained encounters with UFOs and other paranormal entities. As a result, he has met and interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide range of paranormal events. A ghost hunter, paranormal researcher, and author of 28 books, he is a field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, and a researcher of UFOs and the paranormal.

Dennett published “Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters” in 2021, in which he wrote about Julia’s (pseudonym) encounter with Grey named Sen and what she learned from the entity about her own encounters and the alien agenda on our planet.

Julia moved away from her California hometown of Prunedale when she was just 19 years old. Throughout her life, she had been subjected to a series of mysterious occurrences. She tried to ask her parents for help, but they were strict and didn’t understand what she was going through. So Julia decided to leave everything behind and travel as far away from her home as possible.

Preston Dennett
Preston Dennett

Eventually, she found a home on the east coast of the United States and began to rebuild her life there. She got a job and a place to stay. She began her own modest business, gained friends, and met the guy who would become her husband one day.

As soon as she felt safe, she began to dig further into her past, looking for clues as to what had caused her trauma. As she recalled the events, her room was flooded with a strange light and a shadowy figure approached her. She learned about extraterrestrial life and UFOs. She realized that was probably what had happened. Aliens did it. But the idea scared her so much that she didn’t want to think about it. She decided to forget about it and move on with her life, but in 2011, everything changed. She had a sudden, strong urge to move back to California.

“I honestly can’t tell you why I felt like I was being directed to do this.”

 Julia (pseudonym)

Her life took a bizarre turn once she and her lover moved to Pacific Grove, California. In her right ear, she was experiencing tinnitus-like symptoms, with strange harmonic ringing sounds in her ear. She saw a doctor, but he was unable to provide any explanation. The doctor was unable to diagnose anything as she neither had insects in her ear canal nor tinnitus.

UFO Sightings

Soon, UFOs were spotted, with strange luminous orbs floating above the home. When the sun went down, a ship was circling overhead. Through the skylight above her bed, Julia caught a glimpse of it and then She was paralyzed in the blink of an eye. She fell asleep a little while later. When she woke up in the morning, she told her partner everything. She was no longer able to deny the truth. Her childhood memories were reliving themselves in her mind. Her right ear’s excruciating tones were getting unbearable.

UFOs were hovering above their home, and she had finally figured out what was causing her issues. Alien visitors had been coming to her since she was a child. They were back, and she assumed the tones in her ear were coming from an alien implant. Astonished, yet supportive, was her boyfriend’s reaction. He trusted her, but he had no idea what to do to help her. They decided to get married since they were in love with each other.

Contact With Gray Aliens

Julia went back and looked at her early years. She recalled seeing colorful orbs as a child. Every time she went to sleep, the room would fill with a strange combination of light and a bizarre shadowy figure. When she was ten years old, she witnessed a spectacular sighting of a massive flying saucer. In the end, Julia was unable to deny that she was closely linked to aliens. 

A strange musical sound reverberated throughout her home one evening. She scoured the area in an effort to find the source. Then she figured out that it was all in her head. Julia found herself being dragged onto a craft the next thing she knew. She discovered herself on a table in a small, round room surrounded by short, skinny, gray-skinned individuals with enormous bald heads and big dark eyes.

They gave her a baby and asked her to hold it. It resembled a gray alien in every way. Julia was surprised. Looking out the craft’s window, she saw the vastness of the universe and the planet Earth below her. The next thing she knew, it was morning, and she was back in her bed. When she examined her stomach, three puncture wounds were visible. Both Julia and her husband were stunned and horrified by the incident. They were even more taken aback when they learned Julia was pregnant.

David Huggins’ drawing represents the encounter with the so-called Gray alien.
David Huggins’ drawing represents the encounter with the so-called Gray alien.

The situation quickly deteriorated from there. Julia was constantly waking up, unable to move. Her husband awoke one night to find a gray alien in their bedroom. Julia had a miscarriage a short time afterwards. She was secretly happy about it. The pregnancy had not felt normal, and she was convinced that the night she was taken on board a craft had something to do with it.

After that, the paranormal activities stopped, so she thought that everything had ended. Relocating from California to the East Coast was their next step. They had a son and then found out they were expecting a child again. On a whim, Julia reached out in her mind to reconnect with the gray alien baby she had held in her arms many years before.

Preston Dennett at MUFON conference.

She made instant contact, much to her surprise. She saw a gray alien in her head. He introduced himself as Sen and said that he was built entirely from her DNA. Then began an hours-long session in which Julia received all of the answers to all of her questions regarding her life, beginning with her childhood to now. She felt a strong telepathic link to him, so strong that she found herself inside this small ship with him and could see everything he saw. This was the beginning of Julia and Sen’s hour-long talk.

Julia said that he showed her his planet, spaceship, and technology. In addition, she was made aware of their goals. Sen went on to explain that his race made use of humanity as a way to re-enter the law of attraction. They used to be like humans—beautiful beings who lived and had children on a planet. Then, they decided to go out into space and explore, which led them to start experimenting on their own bodies to make them better at space travel.

“It’s not us it’s you it’s the sound of your hormonal frequencies it is your sound and we are mapping that frequency.”


Once the DNA strands were removed, they used light therapy to alter their vibrational and frequency patterns. This was the beginning of a long process. They became asexual as a result of this physical transformation, which occurred when they realized that individuals no longer felt the energy and frequency of attraction. They began to lose interest in reproduction, and some began to clone themselves and travel in space as a means of coping.

 He explained that the implant in my ear was a recording device that emitted and mapped the vibrations made by my hormonal and emotional responses. They mapped this vibration in order to replace this frequency with their own DNA. The baby I held on the ship had pieces of me but mostly they used vibrations that they had recorded into its DNA and when they handed me the baby.”


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