Greg Kerr: The man who saw God, and acquired unusual abilities

This story was told on the site of researchers near-death vision (NDERF) by a man named Greg Kerr, who saw God and acquired unusual abilities. 
All this happened to him in 2003, but he still remembers everything in detail.

“That night I went to bed as usual. I remember that I woke up and found myself in complete darkness, which I call the Void. It was not a dream, I knew it was real. I felt everything and thought clearly.

I felt complete satisfaction and overwhelming peace. I tried to peer into the darkness, but it was completely impenetrable. 
The thought appeared:
“Oh … I must have died … Oh well …”

After a few moments I thought, “Where is God in all this?”

At the very moment when I thought, a brightly glowing golden dot suddenly appeared on the far right side, which disappeared after a split second and suddenly appeared again, but a little closer. It disappeared and became closer and closer with each appearance. And each time there was a strange sound, like a distant clap of thunder. Only it was not thunder, I have no words to describe it. The thought came:
“Oh, this is probably a tunnel! God is at the end of it. I have to focus on this, otherwise, I will be stuck here forever! ” So I focused. An insistent thought was spinning in my head: “Don’t think about anything bad !!!”

I was afraid to disappoint Him, but he already knew everything. As soon as the light completely absorbed me, I flew up through the tunnel. I remember stopping at the top.

What kind of God is He?

A strange feeling came over me that I had arrived. Behind me was the top of the tunnel, in front of the demarcation point, a bright blue sky with swirling white clouds. In the very center, I saw a huge ball of light of indescribable brightness. I immediately realized that it was God.

Although he used words like “front” and “back”, according to Greg Kerr, they were really meaningless since he saw 360 degrees around himself. 
He saw a tunnel that whirled and seemed darker than even the surrounding blackness. 
Then he perceived himself as a ball of energy, although he had no idea about the form of energy at all.

He felt a deep desire to be with God and he wanted to see him immediately.
According to him, this time he was able to move with a simple effort of will.
He could be wherever he wanted, and that too instantly.

The problem was that when he tried to get closer to God, he was immediately blocked by an invisible force. 
Greg Kerr said that neither he was disappointed, nor angry, only curiosity moved him.
He tried four more times to approach God directly in the blue sky, but it didn’t work, an invisible barrier blocked his every attempt to reach God. 
He could not get over those barriers to reach God. 
He ultimately assumed that his time had not come yet.

Finally, I gave up and sat there quietly. What was happening overwhelmed me? I have never felt such endless love or knowledge conveyed to me in any way. After about a minute, I found myself stepping back from the light towards the top of the tunnel. I tried to stay, but I was carefully guided back to the tunnel, whether I liked it or not.

Before I realized this, I was already moving through the tunnel at the same speed as before. The light got smaller and smaller until a small dot remained. I tried to keep it in sight but it disappeared. After I reached the bottom of the tunnel, I was thrown into a night of normal earthly sleep.

The Awakening after the meeting with God

When Greg Kerr woke up, he could clearly remember his journey to God
He can recall every single detail even to this day. 
He said that it was an amazing experience just to be, but not in the body. 

I was lighter than air. My hearing intensified to the point that I “heard” colors streaming on the walls of the tunnel. I also heard clouds and wind behind the portal. My normal hearing is average, and here I can in no way “hear” colors.

He felt a certain sense of calmness and peace that he had never experienced or knew neither before nor after the incident. 
He was not abandoned by a strong curiosity and a carefree attitude to everything that happened,
He was not bothered by the thought of death. 
The earth seemed like an alien environment, and according to him, that tunnel felt like home.

Finally, I understood what “I” means in its very source. This simple phrase sums up all of our existence. Since then, I’ve tried to get that feeling back, but to no avail. We are all one and connected through Him. Whoever hurts one of us, hurts us all. When we help others, we help ourselves and Him.

I have become a more spiritual person than before, and I try to approach God daily through meditation. But I’m not religious anymore.

Before this experience, Greg Kerr thought that God is a man in clothes, sitting with a scepter on a throne in some corner of space. 
When he saw God for who He really is, it gave him complete clarity. 
According to Greg, God is just like one of us.
We are not our bodies. 
We are spirits clothed physically.
We do not die, only our bodies die.

Now I know for sure that God exists and that the Earth is nothing more than a harsh school designed to teach us about life with “hard blows.”

We are all part of His “I” and are connected in the most intimate way. Unfortunately, we cannot perceive this in our earthly bodies, therefore, at odds with each other. If people had the same experience as I did, saw Him, there would be no wars, hatred, hunger, and so on.

Everything has changed for Greg Kerr Since then

A lot has changed in his life after what happened. 
He seems to be influencing electrical equipment. 
The lamps flicker in his presence. 
Sometimes he hears the hum of the electronics even when it’s turned off. 
Television screens and computer monitors switch off and on from time to time for no apparent reason.
Greg Kerr says that God gave him the power to heal people and claims to have healed thousands along the way.

I have become less sensitive to pharmaceuticals. The drugs that worked on me before do not work now. Intuition has become much more developed. Previously, logic controlled my actions, now I follow my gut.

I became more compassionate and caring. Relationships with people have improved. Animals are drawn to me too.

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  1. Am not a religious person but at one time did try to get into deep meditation to assist sleep. One time, a strange thing happened – I appeared in the side of a gray tunnel – each end of it was bright light. A line of indistinguishable people entered the tunnel from the left and filed past me. Even tho they were faceless, I recognized them as departed relatives and friends who, it felt, had taken the opportunity to come and impart their love. One in particular stopped, and held my wrist. It was an ex who had died. Immediately, I was somewhere else – a place almost indescribable in ‘words’ but there was ‘all soft sound’, a sky of all colours but I feel they were gold, soft blue, pink and hazy white. There seemed to be a tree on a peninsula. But the feeling was of utter absolute peace, love, acceptance and I seemed to know the answer to many things just being there. It was only for a short moment, then I was back in the gray and white of the tunnel. My ex let go of my wrist and moved on as did the line of ‘my’ people. I came to – still feeling what I had and tried desperately to hold onto those impressions of the place but it felt as it the human mind isn’t made to describe it. I saw no people, no god or anything else – it just felt like a place of rest. I now have no fear of dying – only the pain to the body. Whatever it was, I’m grateful for being shown it.

  2. I am shocked because I experienced same state of indescribable calmness,peace ,lack of negative emotions,saw 360 degrees,went past the darkness ,,same point of light,at the far end of the tunell,fully conscious yet being guided but snapped back to this reality coz I had just had a nasty accident,,hit a tree at over100kms car horribly damaged not belted up,escaped mirraculuosly with just a scratch, I had a second to at least tell God I was not ready to meet Him,pleaded to be given another chance

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