Vatican’s chief exorcist: Father Gabriele Amorth confronted Lucifer himself

Ever since people began to believe in demons and evil spirits, they have been looking for ways to stop them from harming people. 
Tales of demons and demonic possession in one form or another can be found all over the world, in a wide variety of cultures, and the remedies against them are as varied as the people who believe in them. 
One of the most prolific and successful of these warriors who fought against these evil forces was a man who was once the chief exorcist of the Vatican, Father Gabriele Amorth and during his long career, he once faced Satan himself.

While practicing exorcism, a priest or some other spiritual person wages a fight face to face with dark forces that are beyond our understanding.
Father Gabriele Amorth (1925-2016) was born in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. 
When he was only 10 years old, he realized that he wanted to be a priest, after which he studied Christian texts for a long time persistently. 
In 1954, he finally became a Roman Catholic priest, and then suddenly he realized that his greatest attraction was not to preach in the church but to fight against the demons.
He began to study the traditions and rites of exorcism as an apprentice to Father Candido Amantini, gradually climbing the career ladder and in 1986 became the chief exorcist of the entire Roman diocese. 
Then he founded the International Association of Exorcists.

Aside from his reputation as an official exorcist of the Catholic Church, Father Gabriele Amorth was known to be very outspoken about his extraordinary work. 
He told a lot about the rites of exorcism, about which the wide sections of society were previously unaware.

He said that his exorcism session lasts only about 30 minutes, however, the sessions can be repeated as long as necessary, and in severe cases, sometimes even for several years. 
Usually, he was assisted by four assistants, whose job was to monitor the patient. 
Most of the ceremonies took place in a special soundproof room, located far from the street so that the screams and groans of the possessed would not be heard outside.

Sometimes during an exorcism, ordinary prayers help and the victim sits quietly and calmly. But there were cases when the victim was tied so that he would not harm himself and others, and during the ceremony he shouted, spat, shouted insults and obscene language.

Father Gabriele Amorth
Vatican's chief exorcist: Father Gabriele Amorth confronted Lucifer himself
Father Gabriele Amorth at work

Among the instruments, Father Gabriele Amorth used crucifixes, holy water, consecrated oil, a book of prayers, and also the image of Pope John Paul II, which especially drove demons crazy.

He wrote two books about his occupation, “The Exorcist Tells His Story” and “The Exorcist: Other Stories”, in which he described, in addition to various cases in practice, the Church’s teachings on exorcism and demonology. 
He was also a big fan of The Exorcist and considered it to be pretty much very accurate, except for the excessive special effects.

By the time of his death in 2016, he had reportedly performed approximately 160,000 rites of exorcism which is quite shocking.
Father Gabriele Amorth often said that in our time, this had to be done more and more often. 
In his opinion, modern people often reject God and themselves invite demons into their lives.

“People have lost the Faith and its place was taken by superstitions, magic, Satanism or boards for seances, which open the doors to demons in our world,”

Father Gabriele Amorth

Father Gabriele Amorth also frequently opposed Eastern spiritual practices like yoga, called it Satanic.
He also condemned Satanic rock music and opposed the Harry Potter series because they favored “Satanic” magic. 
In Amorth’s eyes, the modern world was full of Satan’s tricks and traps, and demons come into our lives through various ways to corrupt people.

Vatican's chief exorcist: Father Gabriele Amorth confronted Lucifer himself

According to Amorth, several demons can enter a person at once, even a hundred demons sometimes. 
Such cases required very complex exorcisms and every so often, the victims remained barely alive by the end of the tests.

When Father Gabriele Amorth met the devil himself

Father Gabriele Amorth exorcised many demons, and once faced the Devil himself or as we call him “Satan”.
This incident was described in the book “The Devil Fears Me: The Life and Work of the World’s Most Famous Exorcist”, written by Amorth’s close friend and colleague, Father Marcello Stanzione. 
This happened in 1997, when a sick, emaciated young man was brought from a small Italian village to Amorth’s headquarters in Rome.

Father Gabriele Amorth immediately felt that a powerful evil was oozing from him, it radiated from the guy like a wave, as soon as he was introduced into the room.
He ordered to put the possessed on the bed, and when he began to resist and growl, he asked to tie him up with a rope. 
Then Amorth went up to the guy and pronounced the name of Jesus aloud, which drove the victim crazy.

The guy started shouting, twitching, cursing in English and Italian, spitting, trying to untie the ropes, etc. 
Then Amorth began to read prayers and the man became even more insane. 
But what scared Father Gabriele Amorth most of all was not his behavior, but his answer to the question “who owns you”, asked by Amorth to the guy.

“Screaming and howling, the demon rushed forward and looked directly at him, causing the young man’s mouth to salivate.” : tell me your name, day and hour of your curse, “The man looked at him and growled. ” I’m Lucifer! ” Amorth was shocked he did not expect to get such a frightening response…

But he was convinced that he would fight him as long as he had the strength. The demon continued his attempts, forcing the possessed man to turn his head back and roll his eyes. So he remained sitting with his back arched for about 15 minutes. The room became very cold and ice crystals formed on the windows and walls.

All this time Amorth constantly ordered the demon to leave the body of the owner, and then the body of the young man tensed so much that it became hard and he began to levitate. For several minutes he hovered in the air at a height of 1 meter. “

After that, the victim again fell on the bed and the Devil admitted defeat, naming the exact day and hour when he would leave the body of the possessed. 

It is unclear to what extent all this corresponded to reality, but Father Marcello Stanzione claimed that everything that has been described is completely true.  

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