Falkirk Triangle

The Falkirk Triangle UFO Hotspot – Strange UFO Sightings And Alien Abductions

It seems that there are some places in this world that simply attract UFOs. For reasons yet to be clarified, these places are literally overflowing with unexplained phenomena, and in many cases, they have become famous UFO sighting hotspots. One such place is Falkirk Triangle.

The UFO Hotspot Called The Falkirk Triangle

One such area is in Scotland, the so-called ” Falkirk Triangle”, which begins at the small village of Bonnybridge, extends east to Fife, and then extending back west to Stirling. The boundaries of the “triangle” are quite variable and often some nearby towns and villages are also considered. 

The area of the Falkirk Triangle itself is mostly farmland, rolling hills, moorland, and mining towns, usually not much to see, but the area is known to be an absolute hotspot for UFO activity, and the epicenter of this seems to be the little village of Bonnybridge itself, which is not so far from Edinburgh and often referred to as the “UFO Capital of Scotland“.

It is claimed that about 300 reports of UFO sightings a year come from this village and that about one in three locals have seen something strange in the sky at one point or another.


This enigmatic wave of UFO sightings began in the late 1980s and continues to this day. One of the earliest reports dates back to 1989, and then, in addition to local residents, the fire brigade, which came to extinguish the house, became eyewitnesses. They saw a red glowing ball of light fly straight towards one of the fire engines before taking off into the sky, after which a second UFO appeared, this time with intense white light, which descended and floated over nearby Loch Ellrig. 

Because of this incident, many people were interviewed and their testimonies were very similar, so everything indicated that they really saw something mysterious. 

An even more famous report from Bonnybridge came in 1992 when local businessman James Walker was driving from Falkirk to Bonnybridge on his way home from work and noticed some strange lights in the sky. Walker braked to watch these mysterious lights moving through the sky, wondering what they might be. 

He then continued on his way, whereupon the lights formed a larger star-like object that descended and hovered ominously over the deserted road, causing Walker to brake again. As he sat there contemplating what to do, the mysterious object darted off into the night at amazing speed, remaining completely silent the entire time. 

Video Of A UFO Sighting Over Bonnybridge

After that, reports of UFO sightings in the Bonnybridge area poured in like a bucket. People began to see UFOs hovering over the roads outside the village, over cars flying in the sky, and at one point it was even reported that a UFO had landed on a golf course. Suddenly, Bonnybridge gained a reputation as a UFO magnet.

UFO over Bonnybridge on October 25, 1995

The UFO Sighting By Sloggett Family

Another notable incident occurred in March 1992 when the Sloggett family went out for a walk in the early morning. They spotted some strange lights in a ring formation over the nearby wasteland, enough to frighten them back to their home. 

They claimed that a bright blue football-shaped light tried to chase them and block their path, and then a house-sized UFO landed right in front of them, after which the door on the ship opened and a sound like a deep roar or growl was heard from inside. 

The family ran as fast as they could, away from this unearthly sight, and when they looked back, the lights disappeared.

Two spherical UFOs over a field in the Falkirk Triangle

Over the next five years, from 1992 to 1997, there were hundreds of reports of UFOs in and around Bonnybridge, and many videos of these objects were filmed as evidence. One resident named Craig Malcolm claims to have filmed over 18 hours of footage of strange lights in the area. Another piece of bizarre footage was captured on video by Mrs. Bonnetti, including a bizarre black triangle flying over her neighbor’s house

UFO activity became so intense that official William Buchanan of the Falkirk District Council began writing letters to the Prime Minister and the Department of Defense expressing his concerns and asking for advice on what to do. These requests fell on deaf ears and Buchanan complained, “I tried to get an answer for people and was ridiculed for it.” 

Soon UFO activity spread to the surrounding areas, and then the name “Falkirk Triangle” appeared in the press. And then ufologists found out that, apparently, it was originally in the vicinity that everything began.

In 1979, a forester named Robert Taylor was in a place called Dehmont Woods, just off the M8 motorway, when a “flying dome” appeared over the tree line. It flew so low that Taylor could see that it was made of a metallic black material. 

He then smelled a burning smell, after which two smaller objects “fell” from the main ship and fired a pair of metal objects at the man, which attached to his thighs, after which Taylor was overcome by an unsettling feeling that he was being pulled towards a strange object.

Shortly thereafter, he woke up on the forest floor. Disoriented and not knowing if he dreamed it all or not, he soon became convinced that something was very wrong when he noticed that his clothes were torn and that he was covered in bruises as if someone had attacked him. At the same time, he could not remember anything after the pulling sensation that he experienced.

The incident is one of the best-documented and strangest UFO sightings in Scottish history, but prior to the events in the Bonnybridge area, they were not linked to each other. 
When Walker got to his car, he found that it would not start and so was forced to walk all the way home, where he immediately told his family what had happened and claimed he had been attacked by a UFO.

The police went to the scene, and although they did not find any further evidence, the torn clothes and Taylor’s overall reputation as an honest man and reliable witness led to the conclusion that he was telling the truth.

The UFO Sightings At A70 Road

Aside from Bonnybridge, another place in the triangle that may seem particularly noteworthy is the motorway called the A70 road, which runs between Edinburgh and Eyre, and right through the Falkirk Triangle. 

In August 1992, two men Harry Wood and Colin Wright were driving along the A70 through West Lothian when they suddenly realized in the Harperrig Reservoir area that they had “lost” two hours and did not remember anything about what was happening to them at that time. 

They suspected that they had been abducted by aliens, after which they allowed themselves to be subjected to regressive hypnosis. It turned out that they were indeed taken aboard an alien ship, and then taken to some underground base filled with people frozen in glass jars, where they were experimented on, and then released back, drowning out the memory.

Near Bonnybridge is the mining village of Gorbridge, which is also believed to be part of the UFO Falkirk Triangle and has its own weird stories. There’s an old coal mine here called Blinkbonnie Mine, where some bizarre reports have come from. For example, around Christmas, two people went to the nearby woods to get trees and later claimed to have been chased by a “luminous floating green eye” that had flown out of a shaft. 

Throughout the 1990s, there were numerous reports of UFOs haunting the residents of Gorbridge, most of which centered around this mine, and it was widely reported in the media at the time. The site has also been the source of several compelling UFO footage, such as three glowing orbs over a field and one orb chasing a Boeing 737 on its way to Edinburgh Airport. It is noteworthy that in the latter case, the pilot of the aircraft also saw this object.

Another UFO-active area of ​​the Falkirk Triangle is the town of Grangemouth, just 3 miles east of Falkirk. In 1991, two photographers at the British Petroleum chemical plant in Grangemouth saw flashing lights circling over the Kincardine Bridge, which they first mistook for a helicopter. 

The object moved quickly to the nearby Grangemouth Stadium, where it hovered for several minutes before suddenly descending at startling speed, and then abruptly rushing straight towards the bystanders and hovering 300 feet above them, emitting a pulsating hum, before abruptly receding. Obviously, it was not a helicopter. 

In 1994, the Grangemouth refinery also had a whole team of cleaners who reported seeing flashing lights in the sky.

Other areas of the Falkirk Triangle with numerous strange reports of UFO activity are the town of Larbert near Bonnybridge, Rosslyn Chapel, and a place called Newton Falkland, near Falkland in Fife. From here, in 1996, a truly outlandish report came in of a field full of ant-like aliens commanded by taller white beings, with a massive black triangle hovering above them. 

Interestingly, despite all this disturbing UFO activity in and around the Falkirk Triangle, the British government has long been rather uninterested in all of this, and indeed, in 2009 the Department of Defense closed its file on UFO investigations altogether. A report prepared for Secretary of Defense Bob Ainsworth read:

The Department of Defense should strive to significantly reduce the task of investigating UFOs, which is consuming more and more resources but provides no valuable protection. In more than 50 years, no UFO sighting reported [to the Department of Defense] has ever revealed anything that would indicate an extraterrestrial presence or a military threat to the UK and there is no defense benefit in recording, collating, analyzing, or investigating UFO sightings. 

Investigations into UFO sightings, even from more reliable sources, serve no useful purpose and simply distract air defense professionals from their main tasks. Accordingly, no further investigations into UFO reports from any source should be undertaken.”

Everything that happens in the Falkirk Triangle seems to be either ignored or covered up by the British Ministry, and yet enough sightings and stories of encounters with the unknown are still coming in from the region that there is a constant debate about why this particular area of ​​Scotland it happens. 

One hypothesis is that this area, for reasons not fully understood, serves as a kind of portal through which these beings and their ships can easily move from place to place, perhaps even allowing interdimensional intruders to penetrate the veil into our reality.

It is also noted that this land from the most ancient times was “saturated” with stories about fairies, magic, and various strange creatures and phenomena. And maybe current UFO activity and centuries of fairy tales are actually talking about the same phenomenon? Many researchers for decades have noted suspicious similarities between stories of encounters with fairies and stories of people abducted by aliens

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