How will life be after the lockdown is over?

A report from MIT (one of the main scientific research centers in the world) gives guidelines on what the next few months will be like with regard to our lifestyle. Here are its most important points:

Forget that everything will return to normal. That will no longer happen. Until the vaccine is finalized, life, as you know it, in labor, social, etc., will not be the same. You have to accept that.

At the moment there are several countries that are looking for COVID-19 vaccine. This will make its discovery faster. MIT estimates the vaccine could be ready in 18 months. That is, by the end of 2021.

Fact from another source says Generally, the discovery of a vaccine can take up to ten years.

Scientists were able to discover the SARS vaccine in its time, but they stopped research because it, in its evolution, was no longer dangerous and there was no longer the economic incentive or social pressure to do so.

Assume quarantine as a lifestyle. What is expected is that from now on, companies have to insert periods of quarantine, that is, every three months, two must be quarantined.

This is because the spread of the virus continues and the dreaded “second waves” are always latent.

So we will live constant quarantine periods. Data from other sources: Singapore, which had stopped its contagion cases, lifted its lockdown and on Friday reported 200 cases and one death due to Coronavirus.

China had allowed the reopening of large theaters and auditoriums and had to give an order a week later to close them again. The infections started reappearing

Linked to the other, the concentration of people should be limited in the least. Therefore, each place or business must reduce its capacity of up to 75%. That is, at 25% capacity.

This can include businesses or companies and even social movements: marches, protests, etc.

Countries that decide to reopen their borders and air flights must establish strict controls at airports and highways. Either with the use of portable thermometers or with applications or scanners that reveal the migratory movement of people.

This could lead to highly discriminatory measures.

Data from another source: China forced its population to download an app that monitored each of your movements to know where in the country you had been and if you were a person who could have been infected.

Many countries propose the control of people through their mobile phones.

The social distancing must continue and the social customs from greetings to family reunions, parties, and others, too.

Data from other sources: one of the reasons why the virus has not been so lethal in Japan is due to the social distancing of its culture.

They Greet in a way that avoids physical contact but for the rhythm of life they lead from not going out much to social gatherings or parties. The average Japanese worker has a work-at-home routine that prevents continuous exposure.

Return to work should not take place on a massive scale. Governments should prioritize which branches and activities of society can return to their work and work in a “normal” way as far as possible. And especially what groups can be exposed. In this case, it could start with children and young people.

Data from another source: an important issue is people who have been infected by the virus and have been saved. These people already have immunity and if they do not have other complications, they can make their life without worrying about contracting the virus again.

Although it is still being investigated if it can re-infect a person, the cases of “recontagion” are exceptional.

Governments and parents must prepare to educate children in homes for unforeseen school closings.

The world has changed many times, and it is changing again. All of us will have to adapt to a new way of living, working and forging relationships.

But as with all changes, there will be some who will lose more than most, and they will have lost too much already.

The best we can hope for is that the depth of this crisis finally forces countries to correct the enormous social inequalities that make large areas of their populations so extremely vulnerable.

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