The strange symbol on the surface of Mars generates controversy on the Internet

Mars has always been a mystery for humanity, which has generated great intrigue, not only in the scientific community but for the rest of the population.(symbol on the surface of Mars)

symbol on the surface of Mars

The possibility that the human race, in the future, can live on the red planet remains latent. However, the possibility of Martian life is what most disconcerts the entire population.

That is why the discovery of a strange symbol, quite familiar to some on Mars, has generated so much excitement on the Internet, and it throws light on the possibility that it has been artificially by way of life.

It is known that people who work in space agencies, in addition to being highly studied people, are often fond of science fiction series, which usually deal with spatial issues.(symbol on the surface of Mars)

Hence, there are always analogies, even tributes in certain projects, anomalies and strange to series or movies. On this occasion, something strange happens related to Star Trek.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) team of investigators posted a photograph of a strange formation of sand on the surface of Mars on the official Twitter account.

However, one of the comments to the photograph stands out, where they emphasize that the strange shape is very similar to the Star Trek Star Trek logo.

This strange formation, which was generated to the southeast of the plain of Hellas Planitia, was the result of a strange history that relates dunes, lava and wind. Or at least that’s what the scientific community says.(symbol on the surface of Mars)

symbol on the surface of Mars

How was this strange symbol formed?

According to the explanation given, there were large dunes in the shape of a half moon, which were known as barjanes, which moved throughout the region of Mars, and at a given time there was an eruption.

That caused the lava to begin to flow on the plain and around the doubts, but not on these. The lava ended solidifying, but the dunes continued to rise as if they were islands.

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However, despite being only dunes, the wind continued to blow. Finally, the piles of sand, which were the dunes, went away and dispersed, leaving the strange footprints in the form of symbols in the lava plain.(symbol on the surface of Mars)

An extremely sophisticated story, right? This has been stated by hundreds of theoreticians and believers in these theories. Different web portals have even made fun of this strange explanation, claiming that “history” sounds too forced to be true, and that, if we analyze it, there are too many coincidences, even on Mars

Do we mean then that it was created artificially? We do not know, it could be that yes, as it could be that no. What we are sure is that, as always, the space agencies hide something. Do you agree with the explanation?

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