Hy-Brasil Island: Allegedly Harbored Ancient Advanced Civilization, Coordinates Given By A UFO

The mysterious island of Hy-Brasil- which is known as a home to a strong and enigmatic cult has enthralled adventurers and historians for centuries, and it has lately intrigued UFO researchers.

The Island Hy-Brasil

The mystery island became known to European sailors hundreds of years ago as they sailed the oceans. It was called Hy-Brasil, and it was supposed to have been the home of an advanced species of humanoids endowed with extraterrestrial abilities. The island first appeared on maps in 1325 and remained so until the early 1800s. It is located approximately 200 miles (321 kilometers) off the west coast of Ireland.

Some sailors set out to locate the island, but it appears to have appeared randomly, and its exact coordinates were rarely known, despite the fact that it was reported in the same area of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The name came from the Celtic term ‘Breasal,’ which translates as ‘High King of the World.’ Angelino Dulcert, a Genoese cartographer, was the first to record it on the map in 1325. He used the title ‘Bracile,’ although the Catalan Atlas of 1375 referred to the island as ‘Illa de brasil,’ and depicted it as two distinct islands.

It retained its mystique until, in 1436, it appeared as ‘Sola De Brasil’ on mapper Andrea Bianco’s Venetian map. The isle reappeared on the Ortelius Map of Europe and Europa Mercator Map in 1595, as well as on other maps in the years that followed, albeit its location varied significantly.

Intrigued by what they could discover upon reaching Hy-Brasil, seafarers sailed in large numbers to its claimed site. John Jay Jr. is mentioned in records as departing from Bristol, England, in 1480 and spending two weeks at sea before returning with his dreams dashed. Trinity and George sailed off with two ships from the same spot in England in 1481, only to return empty-handed, as their predecessor had done.

Ranging from UFOs, strange extraterrestrial forces, space travel to humanoid crafts have all been associated with this place from time to time. The island is believed to be enveloped in mist for seven long years, and it appears only once after the completion of those years,, however even then this is inaccessible owing to its incapacity to fly.

Another ancient text states that the Spanish Ambassador Pedro De Ayla had alerted the catholic monarchs of Spain about John Cobot who was the first European to invade America after the Vikings and his successful attempt to find the island.

Another fortunate sailor who came across the mysterious island was John Nesbet, a Scottish sea captain who found Hy-Brasil Enroute France to Ireland in 1674. It is allegedly said that after spotting the island he had deployed 4 soldiers to safeguard the famous isle’s beaches.

As per the narrative of the captain, the soldiers were confronted by an elderly man who presented money before them. The soldiers also were flabbergasted by the giant black rabbits on the island. The soldiers were supposedly compelled to seek shelter under a massive stone stronghold.

It was difficult to believe Nesbet’s narration, but another story took place around that only that supported the facts underlines by Nesbet. This expedition was carried out by Alexander Johnson.

Until 1872, no more expeditions came into the picture, however when Robert O’Flaherty and T.J Westropp had claimed to have visited that island. When he visited the island, he documented three further incidents. Along with Westropp, his entire family also witnessed the mysterious island so that the others could also believe him.

Since Hy-Brasil exists in the texts of so many cultures, there is at least some truth to it. It is also said by a few that the island is home to the Irish Gods, while others opined that the island harbors advanced alien civilization that could not be traced by humans. However, except for one incident, there are no reliable records or nautical charts that support the existence of Hy-Brasil in a legit sense.

Military personnel has received the coordinates of Hy-Brasil via an unexpected method which has become famous as Britain’s Roswell episode. Sergeant Jim Penistone discovered a weird item outside the US military station in the Rendlesham woodlands, UK nearby a nuclear reactor. A flying saucer was spotted by him. A psychic message containing binary codes which were 16 pages long was imprinted in his skulls as soon as he touched the object.

After the codes were interpreted, it was found that the coordinates were pointing out to well-known landmarks like the Pyramid of Giza and the Nazca lines. In addition to that, the writing began at the top and bottom with the coordinates of the Hy-Brasil or at least the position that is often referred to by seamen over time. A mysterious year of origin of 8100 was mentioned in the decoded letter.

Several maps show the enigmatic Hy-Brasil, but traditional historians dismiss the matter as one of the misidentification or location since there is no contemporary confirmation of its existence that has been revealed. However, there is various hypothesis associated with the origins of the Hy-Brasil such as the island is also known as the Porcupine Bank, an island that was discovered in 1862 which was visible only when the tides were so low. It is also said that the Hy-Brasil could be a recollection of a real legendary realm that survived the test of time.

Well, irrespective of what people say and believe, there is some mystery associated with this island. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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