Image of Google Earth seems to show a hangar on Mars?

Every so often the Google Earth software, where besides the Earth you can explore Mars and the Moon, gives us a rarity. This time it is an “anomaly” close to the Martian south pole: a gigantic rectangular entrance carved into the side of a cliff.(hangar on Mars)

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hangar on Mars

“This thing looks artificial and it’s huge, it measures more than 7 kilometers!” Says Tyler of the SecureTeam10 channel , who has published the video revealing this virtual finding.

“It could be the entrance to a hangar or an underground room where literally hundreds of ships would enter,” he adds, hinting at the idea that the survivors of a hypothetical Martian civilization – giant in stature – would have taken refuge under the surface of the planet.(hangar on Mars)

To justify the theory on the artificiality of this opening, the video shows us other anomalies that seem to follow the same rectangular patterns, and not only on Mars but also in Antarctica.

This “hangar entry” can be displayed on Google Earth by selecting Mars and entering the following coordinates:  79 ° 26’47.94 “S 135 ° 26’51.84” E .

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