The Incredible Story of Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe Awakened Here

On July 16, 2008, a terrified woman named Lerina García Gordo published a commentary in an online forum asking for help. The Spaniard, 41, said she had awakened in a parallel universe. A world that is not like the one I had left before going to sleep. However, small inconsistencies in various aspects of her life began to convince her that she was, in fact, living in an alternative reality.(Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe)

Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe

This is his story. On the morning of July 16, Lerina awoke to discover that her sheets were of a different color. She was confused and disturbed by the fact that they were of a completely different set. It was not just the colors that were different. Not being able to find a rational explanation, Lerina decided to prepare and to go to its work of office. A job she had been employed for the last 20 years.(Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe)

His car was in the same place where he had left it last night. He got in and drove off, following the same path he’d gotten used to since moving to his apartment seven years ago. Apart from the sheets, everything else seemed normal for Lerina. That’s until he came to his office. Inside the office building were a few strange people he had not met before, but he did not raise any suspicion. Lerina walked into her own office only to discover that there was a tag with a different name on the door of her office. It was not his name.(Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe)

Then he thought that maybe he was in the wrong floor of the building, but a quick observation revealed that he was on the right floor. She had gone to the correct office, it was just that her name had been replaced.

Lerina was confused. He wondered if they had been fired and why nobody had told him. He took out his PC and connected to the company’s wireless network. There he discovered that he was still on the company list, however, he showed that he was under the command of a different manager, in a totally different department. His head was in a spiral.(Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe)

He immediately checked his credit cards, driver’s license and work ID. They all reflected the right information as far as she knew. The same name, the same photo, the same numbers and the same address. Not knowing what to think, he called his work and told him that he was taking a sick day. The inconsistencies that morning made her think that something was medically wrong with her.

He took the rest of the day off and went directly to the doctor’s office. There they tested him, looking for signs of any illicit drug in his system. The tests were negative. He had no alcohol or drugs in his system.

Lerina returned home and began to look over her personal files. Bank statements, personal checks, bills, reviewed them twice. All showed the correct information. So a thought came to mind. What if this is amnesia? “What if something happens to me and I can not remember parts of my life?”

He immediately logged online and began exploring the Internet. He saw that the news and the main reports were the same as the previous night, so there were days. As Lerina knew, she had woken up living a slightly different life.

It had been six months since Lerina had left her boyfriend, with whom she had spent seven years. He had recently started dating a man (Agustin) who lived in the street next door. They had been dating for only four months, yet she knew him well enough. When she called her new boyfriend’s number, someone else answered. They told Lerina that there was no one by the name of Augustine, or that it coincided with his description living in that house.(Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe)

The news surprised her since she had spent the last four months getting to know the guy. He had even met his son and had begun a relationship with him. But now, there was no sign of her boyfriend and her son. As she passed the day, she found more and more inconsistencies. She had no choice but to go to work the next day and pretend she was employed.(Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe)

Even so, Lerina called and called, but no one had heard of Augustine or his son. It was as if they never existed. That’s when she found out she’d never left her ex-boyfriend. They had been together for seven years and there was no sign they had been separated.

Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe

Lerina did not know what to think. What had happened to the life she knew? What had happened to his career? Had everything freaked out?

All she thought was that maybe she had a nervous breakdown at some point. Severe enough to implant false memories in her head, or at least that’s what she thought when she visited a psychiatric clinic. However, the tests concluded that she was of healthy body and sound mind.

The doctors told him that maybe he was under a lot of stress and that he could have freaked it out. An explanation she had thought of, but she knew it was not true. She started looking for her boyfriend, Augustine, but came back empty-handed. A hired investigator concluded that there was no sign of Augustine or his son in that city.(Lerina García Gordo a Terrified Woman from Another Universe)

Her own family thought Lerina was going crazy when she asked about the operation of her younger sister’s shoulder. They looked at her in confusion as Lerina insisted that her sister had recently had surgery on her shoulder. A statement that no one in his family could support. As far as his family knew, no surgery had been done on any member of the family.

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Days, weeks, and months passed as Lerina began to discover small but bewildering differences in her life. The clothes in his drawers and closets he did not remember buying, blog entries he had made for weeks, even days before, were gone. Emails and chats were no longer archived on your computer. However, browsing the news sites and blogs, the world seemed to be the same. Just as she had remembered before going to bed that July night.

As the months passed and she could not find answers, Lerina became convinced that she had simply gone to bed one night and awakened in a parallel universe. A world in which his life had been altered by small decisions of his past.

What happened to Lerina García Gordo? Did you suffer from a medical condition that made you believe that you lived in an alternative world? Or did you really wake up in a different universe?

  1. I too have travels from other dimensions although I do remember vividly where I came from originally I came from another world or dimension to inherit a life either to
    Potect or observe still not sure I am very intelligent yet am very ignorant to what I need to be doing with this life I had the revelation that I am an observer??? Not for sure but that’s what it seems at this point ask yourself when you arrived on this earth was it when this body was born or was it to help the one you are with life? I remember I was about 7 or8 years old my consciousness came down from another world I remember waking up in the middle of my parents house nked curled up in a fetal position on the floor I remember I was very small and transitioned info this body I have certain abilities and lack a lot of abilities I’m not anything special as far as I know but mainly as an observer I think I am close to going back or dying now almost 60 years old I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here my body is very weak

  2. Renan D. Vieria – you need to grow in to this one. There is a “safety valve” in the Universe. You are always anchored to the originating Time-space, and you will snap back after a time

  3. Umm… He, she… they?
    Pretty hard to put forward a coherent believable story when the gender of the main character changes every paragraph.

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